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Can Joss Whedon get me to enjoy Shakespeare?

NOTE: This is in no way a review of the 2012 movie Much Ado About Nothing I, like many others in the geek culture, am a Joss Whedon junkie.  I was introduced to the Whedonverse with Firefly (unfortunately after it had been canceled and Serenity had already been made).  I loved it


Why Edward Scissorhands and I Would Be Best Friends.

The leaves are starting to turn orange and the warmth in my chest I stored from the summer has begun to chill. For the remainder of this month I will discuss how 1990s Tim Burton helped shape my views of life/love/social interaction into the warped and shriveled gleam in my eye that


American Horror Story: Coven – A Great Way to Kick Off Halloween Season

NOTE: Minor spoilers about episode 1 of season 3 are in this review, mostly basic plot points. The beauty of the show American Horror Story is that each season is a self-contained story, with no link to the previous seasons.  The majority of the same ensemble cast appears in every season, though they


Sleepy Hollow is Fun Ride Through the Supernatural

I can’t think of a more dismissible idea for a TV show than Sleepy Hollow. Traditionally it’s a pretty self-contained story so I was surprised to see it turned into a show at all (and its not like it needed another movie). In fact, I did dismiss the show at first. After


Product Review: Google Chromecast

Update: Since this post was written, several apps have been added to Chromecast, making it more appealing. Mine also stopped working completely about a year after this was written. It’s women’s roller derby divisionals, that magical time of year when every weekend for a month my computer is hooked up to the TV 24/7.


Marvel Takes on Television with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (SPOILERS)

WARNING: This review contains spoilers from the pilot of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. as well as the movie The Avengers. This past week, Marvel took a giant step in dominating the one form of media DC has always been superior in: television. For over 20 years, DC has had a very strong tv presence,


Claire’s Top Shows for Fall

As you know by now dear readers, I love television. Give me comedy, drama, thriller and I’ll try it once. Here are my top seven shows for fall: Revolution (Wednesday 8/7C)- This was my favourite new show of last season. The storyline is compelling, the characters have dimension, and it’s nice to


DC Just Hit Self-Destruct

I’ve been thinking about this for week. Trying to be calm, taking deep breaths- the experts know best right? There’s always some piece of information the general populace doesn’t have, right? Wrong. SERIOUSLY DC?! SERIOUSLY?! Ben Affleck?!!!!!! You have got to be kidding me- have you even SEEN Daredveil? Are you TRYING


Second Chance Reviews: Beware The Batman and High School USA!

As a fan of genre television, I’m well aware of the fact that you should never judge a series by its first episode. Serialized plots need to be laid out, characters need to time to be fleshed out, and the show as a whole needs time to show you what it’s truly about.


Elysium: An Intelligent Summer Science Fiction Blockbuster

It’s been 4 years since Neill Blomkamp made his feature writing and directing debut with District 9, and his follow up in both departments, Elysium was well worth the wait! Elysium takes place in the near distant future, 2154, on an Earth that has been destroyed due to over-population. While the majority