DC Just Hit Self-Destruct

I’ve been thinking about this for week. Trying to be calm, taking deep breaths- the experts know best right? There’s always some piece of information the general populace doesn’t have, right? Wrong.

SERIOUSLY DC?! SERIOUSLY?! Ben Affleck?!!!!!! You have got to be kidding me- have you even SEEN Daredveil? Are you TRYING to fail at making movies?!!!!! You had a fantastic follow-up practically HANDED to you by Nolan- Joseph Gordon Levitt as Nightwing. It was beautiful and magical and could have been an amazing continuation of the story.

But no. You had to go and crap all over our dreams because you’re desperate to keep up with Marvel’s awesomeness. Remember how I was super pumped for the Justice League movie? Not anymore. DC, you seem to be so desperate to keep up that you’ve forgotten your roots. Your Batman (and Superman) stories have fantastic roots. The potential for another classic is there, but not if you rush in to casting a big name star with a terrible superhero track record. Take your time. Build up to the Justice League. You fans will appreciate that you took your time to bring them the highest quality story.

And if we’re going to randomly pick someone to be Batman, go with Karl Urban. His jaw line would look amazing under the cowl.

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