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As you know by now dear readers, I love television. Give me comedy, drama, thriller and I’ll try it once. Here are my top seven shows for fall:

Revolution (Wednesday 8/7C)- This was my favourite new show of last season. The storyline is compelling, the characters have dimension, and it’s nice to see Billy Burke surrounded by people who can actually act. The writers have said they want a new “big bad” to fight every season, so I’m excited to see who replaces Monroe (aka The Cape!) as the villain.

The Big Bang Theory (Thursday 8/7C)- I love this show. All you haters who think it’s disrespectful and unrealistic can STFU because i hang out with nerds and we love the show.

How I Met Your Mother (Monday 8/7C)- After meeting the mother in last year’s finale, the gang is gearing up to finally get Ted to the altar. There are so many questions to answer: Will Lily try to break up Ted and the mother? Will Barney and Robin say i do? Will we ever find out where that pineapple came from?

NCIS (Tuesday 8/7C)- With Ziva leaving, NCIS is going full speed right out of the gate. The team has resigned and Gibbs has his sights (literally) set on Fornel. AHHH WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? (BTW I have money on they kill off Ziva since everyone other woman on that show has died except Abby.)

Marvel’s Agents of Shield (Tuesday 8/7C)- ADGNLKSDUNBTNVE FG#@$#%^&UGBUCIWNBYFIX < pretty much how I feel about this show. I’m excited. The only bad this is it’s on during NCIS.

Once Upon a Time (Sunday 8/7C)- The Geekling loves this show. Her favourites are Snow White and Emma of course, but it’s been a great intro to all of the fairy tales. I’m not as pumped for the Wonderland spinoff, but we shall see if it’s any good.

Arrow (Wednesday 8/7c)- The show that is cannibalizing Doctor Who and Spartacus actors just continues to get better. Will Oliver be fast enough to save the Glades?

With a host of new shows on the schedule, I’ll be trying out everything I can. Stay tuned for my review and let me know what shows you’re watching in the comments

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