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Professional, emerging, amateur and student independent South Australian filmmakers have combined their talents to produce the digital web series “Level 17”.

Part of our culture is interest in science fiction, fantasy and action based adventures with Level 17 promising to meet those needs in a fresh, new innovative web-series. With a confirmed YouTube partnership, the web series launched on August the 14th to satisfy an already large following based on the successful “likes” count on the internet such as Facebook.

A reviewer summarizes the story:

John deCaux’s new effects filled science fiction web series is finally here and bluntly, the trailers don’t do it justice. An evidently talented and professional team have crewed and starred in this brilliant example of how calibration of a passionate crew and YouTube can showcase amazing content. Released for free, like as cult loved ‘The Guild’, ‘Level 17’ combines three elements of genre fantastically; Suspense, Action and Science Fiction. – Scott Murphy

The production has brought together very talented South Australian individuals that are on the way to establishing themselves in their chosen careers.
’Level 17’ is an all-new sci-fi, action based web series that relied on emerging Film makers and volunteers to create.

Previously having worked before on ‘Almost There’, a feature film nominated for “Best Feature” in 2011 and 2013, the team of John deCaux (Director) and Adam M. Carter (Producer) have gathered together some of the finest Indie film makers and volunteers to create the all-new sci-fi action based web-series filming just under a week.

Although the production team worked well together with the help of sponsors such as The Adelaide City Council, the post production team have been working around the clock creating special effects including amazing CGI sequences that will hit audiences in the face. The amazing Alien characters were carefully constructed under the direction of John deCaux along with Jack French, the Special Effects Supervisor.

Keep updated with the latest news, production stills and join the following on the Level 17 fan page:

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