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Indianapolis Literary Pub Crawl

Maybe it’s just me, but drinking and reading seem to go really well together. Whiskey with Hemingway and Twain. Merlot with Anne Rice. Craft beer with Hornsby. And now the Indianapolis Literary pub crawl, benefiting Indy Reads. After learning about the Chicago Librarian Pub Crawl, but never being able to attend, Erin


DC Just Hit Self-Destruct

I’ve been thinking about this for week. Trying to be calm, taking deep breaths- the experts know best right? There’s always some piece of information the general populace doesn’t have, right? Wrong. SERIOUSLY DC?! SERIOUSLY?! Ben Affleck?!!!!!! You have got to be kidding me- have you even SEEN Daredveil? Are you TRYING


Tropes in Romance Novels: Enough is Enough

If my Facebook feed is any indication, the rumors for the 50 Shades of Grey movie are picking up. Personally, I think these romance novels are awful. They’re poorly written, and the characters are unlikeable. The phrase “Oh my” was used so often that George Takei did a parody. Granted, I only


Book Review: Risktaker by Kea Alwang

Disclaimer: Risktaker was provided by the author to Pure Geekery for review purposes. After the success of Treehugger, I couldn’t wait to delve into Risktaker (#2 in Alwang’s Based on a Dream series). We meet up with Star coping with a day in high school, struggling with the constant tug of war


Book Review: Treehugger by Kea Alwang

Disclaimer: Treehugger was provided by the author to Pure Geekery for review purposes. I’ve said before that I love books. Long books, short books, serious books, and books that cross the border into ridiculous. If it’s written down in a language I can read, I’ll read it. So when we got the


You’re killin’ me DC.

I have always been a bigger DC fan than Marvel. I spent my evenings and days home sick with Adam West, Burt Ward, Dean Cain and Terri Hatcher (who was pretty awesome pre-Desperate Housewives). Past comic books, watching Batman and Lois and Clark were my first windows into the fabulousness that is


Who CENSORED Roger Rabbit: An old(er) perspective on an old classic

Fair warning: We’re heading into major spoiler territory here (though it’s on a 25 year old movie and a 32 year old book) If you grew up in the 80’s, chances are you’ve seen the 1988 classic (wow, calling it a classic makes me feel old) Who Framed Roger Rabbit? A few


5 on Friday: Books for When You Need a Sci-Fi Break

I read a lot of science fiction. But, that’s not all I read. Lately I’m trying to break out of that shell, and expand my horizons. After all, read too much of one genre and you start to get jaded. You appreciate it less. You start seeing the tropes more than the


My Happiness Project: Yoga

In the middle of school/work insanity, I always long for the simplicity of summer- lazy days of swimming, watching tv, and playing with the geekling. In practice, however, I get bored without something to work towards-  a goal or deadline that keeps me busy on lazy summer afternoons and is key to


Around Indy: Free Comic Book Day

Comic books are one of the (several) things I’ve always found interesting but have never gotten really into. I’ve read some Atomic Robo (which I really enjoy) and some of the Doctor Who comics (which I didn’t get into as much). There’s just so much out there though, that it’s hard to