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Celebrate Banned Books Week

It’s Banned Book Week! This is a week to call attention to books that have been banned from libraries. (I’m partially convinced this is an attempt to get kids to read. Afterall, what better way to get a kid to do something than to tell them they can’t.) Everything from To Kill a


Book Review: Beyond Addiction by Kit Rocha

Spoiler Alert: Beyond Addiction is the fifth book in the Beyond series. This review is assuming you read books 1-4, and contains some serious spoilers for those books. There are no spoilers for Beyond Addiction though. I love the Beyond series. A dystopian erotic romance featuring a bootlegging gang with hearts of


#SDCC2014 Recap!

Why hello there geek warriors! What have you all been up to?! I’ve been pretty lazy- you know, a family reunion immediately followed by a wedding, which was immediately followed by a honeymoon that included the biggest comic convention of the year. No big right? Actually, I love it. Never a dull


Kindle Unlimited: Still Not as Good as Your Public Library

It seems every time someone says they want a “Netflix for books” everyone laughs and says “you mean the library?” Which, is true, but not really a helpful response. But now Kindle has released Kindle Unlimited, and I can’t help but think “you mean the library?” Because most metropolitan libraries already have


5 on Friday: #Read26Indy Update

We’re about halfway through the year, and I think it is time for an update on my #Read26Indy progress. It’s actually become the #Read52Indy challenge for me. I’ve read 24 books already, and it seems like going a head and doubling the challenge will make it more of a challenge. It’s also put


The Importance of Young Adult Literature

I finished The Fault in Our Stars this past weekend, and it’s the first “young adult” novel I’ve read in recent history that actually feels like a young adult novel. I feel that most of the time we throw the “young adult” label on books as a marketing gimmick. We attach it


Finding Fluffy: Perfecting the Playlist

I spent all morning pouring over our wedding playlist. I managed to cut an 8 hour playlist down to 5 hours and change, and am putting off the task of perfectly mixing the songs for party optimization. As a kid of the 90s, the perfect playlist mix is an art that takes


DRM Drove Me Away From EBooks.

Our pool was open for one day, really more like hours, and I dropped my Kindle in. Now I have a Nook too so not all was lost. Until I remembered I couldn’t get my Kindle books onto it. (Yes I know there are some legal gray areas on removing DRM. That’s


Book Review: Empire (Redemption Trilogy, Book 1)

One thing I love about ebooks is that the format allows authors to publish their books without the backing of  a strong publishing house. They allow authors to distribute and promote their work even though they have limited resources. Authors can now make those limited resources go much further. One way authors will try


Nutmeg Comic: “It’s Betty and Veronica Meets Breaking Bad”

“It’s Betty and Veronica meet Breaking Bad. But With baking.” That’s how Jackie Crofts described Nutmeg ]to me at Indy Pop Con. It’s a tagline that certainly got my attention. Nutmeg is set in a high school, where we meet Cassia, the new girl at the school. We also meet her soon-to-be