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Greetings From Cloud Nine

Back in the beginning of January, I got a message from Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon on Facebook asking if I would be interested doing an interview for book she was writing for young women interested in geeky pursuits. Something to encourage them to follow the dreams despite the adversity they would face. I did


What We’re Up To: March

You’ve been reading about our interests for a few months now. But so much of what we’re into never makes it to the site. We’re going to start posting a brief overview of what we’re doing at the beginning of every month. Let us know what you have going on this month


Just Read.

There are several epic battles that shall forever rage in the geek universe. Star Wars vs Star Trek? Xbox vs PS3? Mac vs Linux vs PC? All these are  child’s play compared to the battle that is paper vs electronic books. Amazon launched the Kindle in 2007 for $400. While it sold out


Claire’s Must Read Recommendations

At D&D night last week, we got on the conversation of books. Nicole confided that she hadn’t read most of the books we were talking about, including a lot of books I consider essential reading. I’m opening my bookshelf to her and putting together a reading list together. The Scott Pilgrim Series- Graphic novels, insane


Geek Parenting: Level Expert

For the last four years, I have had one very specific goal: make my daughter the most fantastic, geekiest kid possible. From a Beatles themed nursery and daily “good music” lessons (no kids CDs allowed unless They Might Be Giants released them) to frequent Dr. Who marathons, I’m a mom on a


Reading is sexy

Grad school crept up on me this week (I hate it when that happens). Between group projects and reading 200 page EPA documents, I found myself longingly staring at the pile of books that have taken up residence on my coffee table. With an English professor as a father, I was destined


My First Cosplay – Jet Girl

I am very excited to be writing this post. I was invited to an apocalypse costume party, and it has given me my very first cosplay experience! The costumes were supposed to be apocalypse themed, so my friend Claire and I went as Tank Girl and Jet. I was Jet, naturally. Coming


5 on Friday: Books You Should Read

I think I’m going to make Friday’s list days. I’m usually a little over the week by Friday and this is a simple way for me to share things I like with you. Plus, I just really like making lists. This week’s list is of books I think you should read that


There’s Not Enough You in the World

I shared this video (transcript here) on Facebook and Twitter, but it is still banging around in my head. It’s such an important message that I think so many people, no matter what age, need to hear. It struck a particular nerve with me, because when I was in high school my guidance counselor


Playing a Book, Reading a Game

This actually happened back in the summer, but I really didn’t have a good place to talk about it then so I’m writing about it now. Sometimes, two pieces of media just go together incredibly well. When I was on staycation this summer I started reading Amped by Daniel H. Wilson and playing Deus Ex: Human