There’s Not Enough You in the World

I shared this video (transcript here) on Facebook and Twitter, but it is still banging around in my head. It’s such an important message that I think so many people, no matter what age, need to hear.

It struck a particular nerve with me, because when I was in high school my guidance counselor told me not to go into computers because there were enough people in computers and all the jobs were going oversees anyway. This was in 2004 so it was a few years after the .com bubble had popped.

Luckily, I had kept up what was going on in technology and knew a lot of companies were starting to “in source” or bring jobs back because they weren’t getting the results they would have liked. Even if I hadn’t known that, I was already spending my days writing HTML markup in my notebooks in class so I was beyond hooked.

Recently, I was doing the “there’s enough” speech in my head to myself. I actually had been doing it for years. I kept telling myself that no one wanted to read what I had to say about technology and geekdom, that there were enough geek bloggers out there. But this is already going better than I ever imagined. My big break-though is when I posted a question on Twitter if anyone would find reading about my app-free experiment interesting. My uncle (who writes over at Technology Tell, you should check it out) told me I was missing the point. That I should write about what I found interesting.

My point is, its your life. Do what YOU want to do with it. Even if you just do it for yourself.

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