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Jenna Duffy is My Life Coach

Update: The previous title of this post used the term “spirit animal” which is appropriative and not cool. I apologize to any who may have felt I was making light of their beliefs.  I’ve been reading more comic books since my library got Hoopla. One I particularly enjoyed was Gotham City Sirens.


5 On Friday: Five Books Worth a Listen

You guys know I read a lot. Heck, a good amount of my posts this year have been about books in some form or another. And while I enjoy traditional dead-tree book or eBook, I’ve gained a new appreciation for audio books as well. When I tell people this, they say something like


2016 Reading Challenge

It’s a bit early to go through what I read this year, it is only November, but I’ve hit my reading challenge for the year so now seems as good a time as any! Over the course of the year I read 54 books, two of which I did not finish (God’s Eye


Book Review: Weapons Of Math Destruction

Algorithms are everywhere in our lives. And while I can appreciate the way they can make life easier, they’ve also always made me somewhat uncomfortable. Not just in the “invasion of privacy” way either, although that is certainly a concern. In her book Weapons of Math Destruction, data scientist Cathy O’Neil (aka the


Book Review: Dark Matter

Dark Matter is another book I requested for review thanks to Haley over at I Lay Reading. And much like Haley, I’m having trouble trying to write a review for this book without posting spoilers. So this review is a short one. Dark Matter opens with physics professor Jason Dessen being kidnapped, injected with something, and


Book Review: Party of One

When I saw Party of One on the Blogging for Books “available for request” page, I became intrigued. Like most people who were teenagers in the early 00’s, I spent my after school hours glued to MTV and Total Request Live. Most of the time, Carson Daly hosted the show. But every once in a while,


Book Review: He Wanted The Moon

Haley from I Lay Reading recommended He Wanted the Moon by Mimi Baird to me, and from the time I started to read it was clear why. He Wanted the Moon is part scientific narrative and part memoir. (Both are types of non-fiction I thoroughly enjoy.) The book chronicles part of the time


Book Review: The Fold

I feel I’ve said it time and time again when I write a science fiction book review, but I am so happy to be reading something that doesn’t take place in a dystopian society. Don’t get me wrong, I love those stories. But so much of sci-fi is that anymore, that something


Book Review: Girls To The Front

  Author note: Sometimes I start a blog post and then forget about it for a while. That’s what has happened here. I actually read Girls to the Front a year ago, started the review, and forgot about it until I started looking through my “post ideas” folder on Google Drive! Oh,


Book Review: Countdown to Zero Day

I’ve had a review copy of Countdown to Zero Day sitting on my shelf for several months now. When I first requested it, I was excited because it’s not everyday a book recommended to you by a friend ends up on an “available for review list.” (Aaron, who wrote about IoT security