Jenna Duffy is My Life Coach


Update: The previous title of this post used the term “spirit animal” which is appropriative and not cool. I apologize to any who may have felt I was making light of their beliefs.¬†

I’ve been reading more comic books since my library got Hoopla. One I particularly enjoyed was Gotham City Sirens. It was kitschy and fun and focused on the relationship between three female friends. Basically, everything I want. It was also the comic that introduced me to Jenna Duffy, aka The Carpenter.

The Carpenter shows up to fix up Catwoman, Harley, and Ivy’s place after the Joker wrecks it. Turns out, she’s the one to go to when you need your lair fixed up. She tried the traditional super-villain route as part of the Wonderland Gang, but wasn’t awesome at it. So got her license (she’s criminal, not stupid) and¬†started fixing and building lairs when she’s not robbing banks. Let’s face it, that’s where the money is in Gotham anyway.

That in essence is why I love The Carpenter so much. She found out she wasn’t good at a thing, and turned around and built a business around supporting people who are. She looked around, saw a need, and filled it. She knows her worth, and doesn’t compromise on it.

I’m hoping to see more of The Carpenter in the Batman franchise. She’s showing up as a bit character here-and-there. And with this season of Gotham being focused on the Wonderland Gang, I really hope to see her make an appearance, at least in teenage form like Selena and Ivy. If not, we’ll have to start sending screwdrivers or something to Fox.

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