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5 Reasons Ms. Marvel is a Must Read Comic Series

Last week, John and I were at Comic Carnival perusing the aisles for new reading material. There it was, the cover of Ms. Marvel, catching my eye with her lightening bolt t-shirt and a colorful scarf tied around her neck. Normally I wouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but when it


#Read26Indy: Challenging a City to Read & Talk About It

This morning an interesting story popped up in my Google+ news feed. Indianapolis Star Reporter Michael Anthony Adams is challenging the citizens of Indianapolis to read 26 books in 2014. Which in itself is an admirable goal. But Adams takes it one step further. He wants us to talk about what we’re reading


Book Review: Murloc Soup for the Geek Soul

I think every girl who grew up in the 90s had at least one Chicken Soup for the X Soul book (boys may have read them too, but I specifically remember all the girls in my class having a copy). For those who missed out on the trend, the Chicken Soup books were a


Reread: High Fidelity

I love High Fidelity. I love the book and I love the movie. The movie I saw for the first time sometime in high school when it was on Comedy Central. Perfectly casted with John Cusack as the lead (I mean come on, this is totally who you picture Lloyd Dobler growing


Book Review: Fangirl

I found Fangirl the way I find out about most things. Twitter. When it was released back in September, it seemed like everyone was talking about it. So of course, I had to get my hands on a copy Fangirl starts off as a somewhat typical coming of age story. You have the protagonist,


5 on Friday: Alternatives to 50 Shades of Grey

When I wrote my post on tropes in romance novels, I promises you I was working on a list of alternatives to 50 Shades of Grey. Well dear readers, that day has come. I’ve read bad novel after bad novel, treadging through to find only the books I felt warranted being listed on Pure Geekery.


BookDigits: A GoodReads Alternative

Recently there have been more and more alternatives to GoodReads showing up. There’s the other Amazon property Shelfari. Pinterest like Riffle. Blogging platform BookLikes. Slice backed by Google’s Eric Schmidt. I’ve poked around a few of these, and nothing really has caught my attention. Not enough to switch anyway. When I saw BookDigits


Comic Books – A Journey Begins

Confession: Comic books have never been something that I’ve really gotten into. I had a few Supergirl, Spider-Girl, and Wonder Woman comics in high school, but that was about it. They were fun, but they really didn’t do anything for me. Recently, though, I’ve had the desire to try again. I’ve become


Press Release: Cincinnati Comic Expo

Editor Note: This is a mix of the FAQ and event list from the Cincinnati Comic Expo website instead of a traditional press release. I thought this was the best way to get you the most thorough information. General FAQ for Cincinnati Comic Expo Q: When is the Cincinnati Comic Expo?  A: September 13 –


Author Interview: Kea Alwang

If you’ve read my reviews of Treehugger and Risktaker, you may have noticed that I’ve become a huge fan of Kea Alwang. While meant for young adults, her books have a unique way of connecting with geek girls of all ages. She was kind of enough to spend some time talking to me