2016 Reading Challenge

2016-reading-challengeIt’s a bit early to go through what I read this year, it is only November, but I’ve hit my reading challenge for the year so now seems as good a time as
any! Over the course of the year I read 54 books, two of which I did not finish (God’s Eye View and Emotional Rescue, for those curious). I read four graphic novels, four audio books, one book of poetry, two short stories, and 43 full-length books. Here’s how they stacked up…

Most Disappointing

The Innovators: This book seemed universally loved in the tech community. It tells the story of technological innovation through the lens of who achieved it. And those they surrounded themselves with. Really, I thought I’d love this book. But I found it dull. By only detailing accomplishments, there’s no struggle. There’s no conflict. And that just made for boring reading.

Most surprising

Damned: This is one of the books from my book swap group. And while the concept sounded interesting (teen girl goes to hell, kicks ass, takes names) I really didn’t expect the protagonist, Madison, to be well written. I just didn’t see Palahniuk doing well writing from that perspective. I was totally wrong. He nails it. And that alone, made it the most surprising read of the year.

Best Audiobook

NOFX: The Hepatitis Bathtub and Other Stories: Let me start off by saying I am not a huge NOFX fan. I listened some in high school, and own the greatest hits album, but that’s about as far as it goes. I wouldn’t have even listened to this if it weren’t for my husband wanting to listen. But their story is heartbreaking, hilarious, disturbing, and even heartwarming at times. It’s read by the band which really adds to the experience. This is really one for any music fan.

Best Fiction

14: I read this and The Fold out-of-order, but I loved both of them. I did love 14 a bit more so I’m making that my “best fiction.” It’s fun and new and classic and basically everything I love in sci-fi. I’ve said before how much I want more sci-fi that isn’t 1) dystopian and 2) young adult. There’s nothing wrong with either of those sub-genres of course, but sometimes I just want more. 14 and The Fold gave me just that. (You can read my full review of The Fold here.)

Best Nonfiction

Countdown to Zero Day: Wow. Just, wow. This is nonfiction that reads like fiction. It’s terrifying and informative and you can’t believe it’s real. I can’t think of more to say than what I said in my review earlier this year.

What Else I Read

This is my simplified breakdown of the types of books I read this year. I’m always looking to expand this though, so what genre should I make sure to read more of next year?

Sci-Fi: 9
Romance: 8
Music Memoir: 6
Memoir: 4
Fantasy: 4
Classics: 4
YA: 4
Tech Non-Fiction: 4
Non-Fiction: 4
Literary Fiction: 3
Superheros: 2
How-To: 2

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