Nutmeg Comic: “It’s Betty and Veronica Meets Breaking Bad”

“It’s Betty and Veronica meet Breaking Bad. But With baking.” That’s how Jackie Crofts described Nutmeg ]to me at Indy Pop Con. It’s a tagline that certainly got my attention.
Nutmeg is set in a high school, where we meet Cassia, the new girl at the school. We also meet her soon-to-be best friend  Poppy Pepper. We meet Saffron, the resident mean girl.

Most of  Nutmeg #1 is a scene setting issue (although at the end we learn where the name Nutmeg came from). So don’t expect a ton of action right off the bat. But the comic doesn’t suffer for it. The characters are interesting so it keeps your attention.

For me, it’s nice to find a comic that I can get into from the ground floor. One of the intimidating things about comics for me is knowing where to start. And this is issue one, so it’s obvious to me that I’m starting off correctly. And quite frankly, a story about two girls working together against a common enemy is just appealing. I’m going to be watching for further issues of Nutmeg because I love the potential storyline.

The awesome part? If you’re not a comic collector, the story is also unfolding on the Nutmeg website! The first page of the comic is the first webcomic posted. I highly recommend checking it out.

Disclaimer: We got a copy  of Nutmeng #1 for free for review. You know how we roll though, we wouldn’t tell you we liked if we didn’t.

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