Book Review: Risktaker by Kea Alwang

Disclaimer: Risktaker was provided by the author to Pure Geekery for review purposes.

After the success of Treehugger, I couldn’t wait to delve into Risktaker (#2 in Alwang’s Based on a Dream Risktaker Coverseries). We meet up with Star coping with a day in high school, struggling with the constant tug of war between her Earth and her Jacondorian selves. While on Earth, Star, along her friend Rodent, tries to balance fitting in and being herself; on Jacondor, Star, CK, and Leada prepare for their dream mission: a trip to the favourite planet Criterion. The Jacondorians return to their personal sanctuary, only to find that it may not be the paradise they once thought it was.

Risktaker was a fantastic continuation of Alwang’s YA series. She once again took challenging topics such as first love, finding yourself, and the shattering of childhood illusions and developed a story that is respectful to her audience and exciting for adults as well as teens. Alwang has a unique ability to tap in to that feeling of teenage excitement and discovery- an emotion that is usually long forgotten by adults (though we would do well to remember it!). I found myself wondering where this series was when I was in high school and making mental notes to set it aside for the Geekling’s future reading list.

Risktaker feels fresh and exciting- tempting the reader towards the adventure that lies ahead. Just like waiting for the TARDIS sound or your Hogwarts letter, Alwang’s story will have you peeking over the corner of your bedspread, hopeful that you have woken up on Jacondor.

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