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Song Blog: The Wombats – 1996

I’m entering the age where I not only don’t know what’s going on with youth culture, but I am separated from it. For example, the phrase “yolo” makes me viscerally angry. I am shocked when I see questionable fashion choices from my teen years making a comeback. (ModCloth has a whole section


Finding Fluffy: Perfecting the Playlist

I spent all morning pouring over our wedding playlist. I managed to cut an 8 hour playlist down to 5 hours and change, and am putting off the task of perfectly mixing the songs for party optimization. As a kid of the 90s, the perfect playlist mix is an art that takes


Product Review: Motorola S11-Flex HD Wireless Headset

Considering that I’ve now bought this exact model twice, it seemed appropriate that I review it. Before you go getting the wrong idea in your heads: no, it didn’t break, fail, or otherwise suffer from performance issues. My dogs got out, I chased them down, and in the process, I dropped my


Song Blog: Stars – The Theory of Relativity

One of the books I’ve been reading is Songbook by Nick Hornby. It’s basically the ultimate mix tape. It’s a compilation of songs, each with a few pages detailing out why the song is one of Hornby’s favorites. It’s a very cool idea, and a fun read. I was inspired to share some


Service Review: Vinyl Me, Please

Shortly after I posted about my foray into the world of vinyl, I was referred to a service called Vinyl Me, Please. Vinyl Me, Please is a “surprise a month” service for record collectors. You pay $23 ($27 after shipping, at least to Indianapolis) and they send you a record. In addition


Product Review: Sennheiser MOMENTUM Over Ear Headphones (And Giveaway)

Disclaimer: Sennheiser provided me with these headphones for review and giveaway, this in no way affected my review. The post does contain affiliate links, #FeedABlogger. Two weeks ago, tragedy struck. My beloved Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones died after five years of loyalty (which really is pretty amazing for a pair of $30 headphones). Since I was


Around Indy: Record Store Day

A couple of Saturdays ago I went to my first Record Store Day. It was hard to plan for an event which I had never been to, and Googling wasn’t much help. So I decided the smart plan would be to head down at store opening (8:00am, which is really early on


Product Review: Turntable Labs Record Brush

Disclaimer: I picked up the Turntable Labs Record Brush on my own, the only compensation I’ll get is if you buy one through an affiliate link below. #FeedABlogger Around two months ago I started collecting records. And I am officially hooked. My collection is growing, and my husband has to listen to me drone


Why I Switched to Google Music

When I got my Windows Phone in September, I tried several streaming music services to see which one would work best for me. At the time, I had decided to stick with Spotify. It had the library. It had the apps. And I liked the social aspect. But then I broke my


Musical Monday: In Praise of the Ten Year Reissue

I’ve never done one of these “writing prompt” type of posts before, but with my recently refreshed interest in music, Musical Monday seemed appropriate when I saw it pop up in my feed from Something About Esther. Plus, I had a crazy week at work and didn’t get any posts queued up for