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Going Analog: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the LP

I have always been unabashedly digital. I stream music. I prefer eBooks. I’d rather download a game from the XBox Marketplace than fuss with a physical disk. And speaking of gaming, I prefer video games to tabletop (sorry guys). After all, we are living in a digital world and I am a


5 on Friday: Streaming Music Services

When I got my Windows Phone, I had problems connecting to Spotify. It ended up being a problem with logging in via Facebook with dual authentication. Basically, I’m a fringe case. While I was working out my issue with Spotify (who has awesome and helpful support) I used the opportunity to check


Where has the good music gone?

In a world filled with “stars” desperately seeking attention like Miley and her creepy-ass teddy bears, Lady Gaga literally begging for applause, Justin Bieber doing whatever the hell he thinks is music these days, and Robin Thicke and his sorry excuse for boring music that’s apparently the hit of the summer (??@#$#@^%?!!!!),


5 on Friday: A Musical Tribute to Geek Girls

Geek Girls, we don’t get a ton of songs written about us. When we do, they tend to be borderline fetishizing. A guy who’s in love with some geek girl from afar, or she’s pretty with a side of geek. A genuine “you’re awesome” song is hard to come by. But when we


Nicole Recommends: Inexpensive Headphones

Update: I’ve removed the Sony DR-ZX701IP. The right ear went out after about six months of office use. Unacceptable. I am not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination. I can’t fine tune my stereo, I don’t can’t match tones, and I certainly don’t know pitch. However, I do know when something


The Doubleclicks at Gen Con

Gen Con was my first true experience hearing the music of The Doubleclicks. Sure I had heard “Clever Girl” before and (because I realize the internet exists) “Nothing to Prove.” So when a friend told me they were playing a show on Saturday I knew I had to make it over there


5 on Friday: 5 Songs for Your Road Trip Playlist

It’s summer. It’s time for lounging by the pool, too much wine, and of course road trips. This weekend Claire and I will be heading on a mini road trip to Louisville for FandomFest (keep an eye on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for updates). Of course we’ll need an appropriate road trip


Around Indy: They Might Be Giants at The Vogue

I have spent the past six years avoiding the Broad Ripple strip during the evening. Don’t get me wrong, I love Broad Ripple as a whole. Tons of unique shops, and fantastic restaurants for when you need a break. But the meat market that Broad Ripple turns into once the sun goes


Pure Geekery Interviews: Int Eighty of Dual Core

I’ve had a few posts on here about work being a bit rough lately. I posted some of my ways of dealing with it (which kind of fizzled out entering week three). I eventually had to step down from my derby team’s roster because I couldn’t attend practice enough. I was going to


5 on Friday: 5 Songs to Introduce You to Nerdcore

Nerdcore, in a nutshell, is hip hop with nerdy lyrical content. I’m calling these songs all nerdcore, although some of the artists mentioned don’t identify as such (or don’t anymore). Some of them prefer to be called indie hip hop. It’s a very niche genre  but if you’re reading this there’s a chance