Product Review: Turntable Labs Record Brush

Disclaimer: I picked up the Turntable Labs Record Brush on my own, the only compensation I’ll get is if you buy one through an affiliate link below. #FeedABlogger

Around two months ago I started collecting records. And I am officially hooked. My collection is growing, and my husband has to listen to me drone on and on about different record players at all times. I’ve even learned to be a little handy and fixed my mom’s old Technics SL-220 (but more on that another day). It’s that honeymoon stage of geeking out about something where everything is amazing and new.

One of my favorite purchases for my budding hobby is the Turntable Lab: Carbon Fiber Anti-Static Record Brush. Let’s be clear from the get-go, this is not something to use to clean your records. This is for removing loose dust, or in my case stray dog fur. But more importantly, a record brush removes the static from your records so the dust and dog fur isn’t on them to begin with.

When I first started playing records, I noticed new ones I had purchased would be full of static. I’d carefully try to pick the aforementioned dog fur from the record. It wasn’t really working. I thought it was just part of the vinyl experience, and something I’d have to learn to deal with. But as I was browsing turntables on Turntable Lab, I noticed nearly every record player they sold came with this brush. I ordered one for myself. It has made all the difference.

The brush itself is of good quality. The bristles don’t shed, and it folds up to protect the ends (the part that comes in contact with your records. If you want to start a record collection, I highly recommend buying an anti-static brush. It’s one thing I didn’t know I needed, that I really wish I had.

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