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Product Review: UBSound Fighter In-Ear Headphones

I am not typically someone who uses in-ear headphones. Since I sit at a desk most of the day, I prefer the comfort and sound of an over-ear pair. However, I do always like to have a pair of in-ear handy. They’re great for hanging out by the pool in the summer


Entering The Audio Rabbit Hole….

If you’ve been around Pure Geekery for a little while, you know that record collecting is my new hobby. Which of course has led into trying to build up a decent audio system. Which is way harder you’d think. Audio is so subjective. Everyone has an opinion on what “the best sound”


Gift Guide: The Record Collector

Any links to Amazon are affiliate links. And while you’re doing your shopping this year, pleas consider doing Amazon shopping from this link. If you do, we get a small percentage. It’s getting into the holiday season, which means it’s time to start thinking about what to get for everyone on your list. It’s harder


Are We Asking Our Phones to Do Too Much?

In the midst of the iPhone 6 announcement, Apple quietly discontinued the iPod classic. It was only a matter of time really. So few people use stand alone MP3 players anymore, that it can’t be profitable for Apple to still make the device. And with 128GB iPhones available, people don’t even go


Product Review: Creative Sound Blaster Roar

Disclaimer: I received the Creative Sound Blaster Roar for review purposes, which in no way colors my review. This post contains affiliate links to Amazon where I get a cut if you purchase it from there. #FeedABlogger When I first told Claire that Creative was going to send me their new wireless speaker for


Product Review: Motorola S11-Flex HD Wireless Headset

Considering that I’ve now bought this exact model twice, it seemed appropriate that I review it. Before you go getting the wrong idea in your heads: no, it didn’t break, fail, or otherwise suffer from performance issues. My dogs got out, I chased them down, and in the process, I dropped my


Polk Audio 4-Shot Headphones: Beta Testers Needed

Although cost is no guaranty of quality, when an audio company has floor speakers going for $1,999.95 (each; if you want stereo sound, it’s going to cost you a down payment on a car) and there’s no celebrity endorser (*cough* Beats *cough*), it’s a fairly safe bet that they know their stuff. Since Polk


Product Review: Sennheiser MOMENTUM Over Ear Headphones (And Giveaway)

Disclaimer: Sennheiser provided me with these headphones for review and giveaway, this in no way affected my review. The post does contain affiliate links, #FeedABlogger. Two weeks ago, tragedy struck. My beloved Panasonic RP-HTX7 headphones died after five years of loyalty (which really is pretty amazing for a pair of $30 headphones). Since I was


Product Review: Turntable Labs Record Brush

Disclaimer: I picked up the Turntable Labs Record Brush on my own, the only compensation I’ll get is if you buy one through an affiliate link below. #FeedABlogger Around two months ago I started collecting records. And I am officially hooked. My collection is growing, and my husband has to listen to me drone


Nicole Recommends: Inexpensive Headphones

Update: I’ve removed the Sony DR-ZX701IP. The right ear went out after about six months of office use. Unacceptable. I am not an audiophile by any stretch of the imagination. I can’t fine tune my stereo, I don’t can’t match tones, and I certainly don’t know pitch. However, I do know when something