Service Review: Vinyl Me, Please

The records from my first three months of Vinyl Me, Please.

The records from my first three months of Vinyl Me, Please.

Shortly after I posted about my foray into the world of vinyl, I was referred to a service called Vinyl Me, Please. Vinyl Me, Please is a “surprise a month” service for record collectors. You pay $23 ($27 after shipping, at least to Indianapolis) and they send you a record. In addition to just a record, there’s a cocktail recipe, and a weekly newsletter with MP3 downloads.

I signed up right away because I’m always looking for new music. And Vinyl Me, Please is curated music from independent artists delivered straight to your door. Plus, cocktail recipes!

The Music

So far everything I’ve gotten from Vinyl Me, Please (over the last three months) has either been an early release or a limited edition. One was even a Vinyl Me, Please exclusive color. It’s not a huge deal of course, but it’s always fun to know you’re one of a few that have something. The records have all been incredibly varied. Singer-songwriter, pop-punk, and hip-hop have all been featured over the last three months. Nothing was disappointing. Granted none of them have made it into heavy rotation, but I’ve listened to each of them a few times.

The Cocktails

I was really excited about the cocktails that matched the records. But  I never actually made any of them. Looking at the recipes they were really thought out, and I could see how they’d work with the record well. But they also tend to be more on the craft cocktail side of things. I just haven’t felt like taking the time to concoct them.


Vinyl Me, Please is a cool service, and I think the price is fair. I think I’d be more interested in a service like this that was maybe $14 and was a new CD every month though. Because even though these records are all good, they are the least played  records in my collection. I think I’d listen more if they were in my giant CD carousel and just happened to come on. For me, records are much more of a “I feel like listening to this record right now” experience, than a “let’s find something new” experience.  I’m going to keep my Vinyl Me, Please membership for a few more months at least though, because when it comes down to it surprises are fun and I look forward to my surprise record every month.

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