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Defending the Man of Steel

  I recently re-watched Zach Snyder’s Man of Steel because it was New Year’s Eve, my wife was asleep, and I wanted to see if my opinion of it shortly after it came out (in which I rather liked it) held up. It did. Oh, sure, a few of the Marvel-verse movies


Product Review: Motorola S11-Flex HD Wireless Headset

Considering that I’ve now bought this exact model twice, it seemed appropriate that I review it. Before you go getting the wrong idea in your heads: no, it didn’t break, fail, or otherwise suffer from performance issues. My dogs got out, I chased them down, and in the process, I dropped my


Polk Audio 4-Shot Headphones: Beta Testers Needed

Although cost is no guaranty of quality, when an audio company has floor speakers going for $1,999.95 (each; if you want stereo sound, it’s going to cost you a down payment on a car) and there’s no celebrity endorser (*cough* Beats *cough*), it’s a fairly safe bet that they know their stuff. Since Polk