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Collecting Stories: Compiling the Oral History of Women in Gaming

Through the magic of twitter, I was introduced to Lillian Cohen-Moore’s latest project to collect the stories of women in gaming (thanks to Sara from Solid Gold Eats for the tip!). Lilly was inspired by the #1ReasonWhy hashtag that was trending back in November. But while #1ReasonWhy evolved to focused on the stories


Around Indy: Cards Against Humanity with Girls Pint Out

I have to admit, I was nervous when I got the Facebook invite from Girls Pint Out, an all female craft beer appreciation group,  to play Cards Against Humanity at New Day Meadery in Fountain Square. I love Cards Against Humanity as much as the next awful person, but playing in public?


What We’re Up To: May

We’re entering summer which means there will be a whole lot of awesome going on. Conventions, summer movies, and meetups oh my! Here’s what’s on our plate, at least for now. What We’re Reading: Nicole – I’m reading some free comics from Dark Horse right now. Unfortunately, my Marvel Free Comics offer got sent


5 on Friday: That’s A Syfy Thing Isn’t It?

Claire has finally made me start watching Battlestar Galactica. I’m also watching/playing Defiance. These are the first two Syfy shows I’ve watched since Sliders. Even though I’m just now starting both of these series, I found myself saying to Claire “that’s a Syfy thing isn’t it” during Battlestar. These are the trends I’ve noticed in this short time. 1) Multi-dimensional Female Characters


Gaming with RSI: The Avenger Controller Mod Review

About a month ago I wrote a post about gaming with RSI, wondering what solutions other had found. A few people messaged me about a product called the Avenger Controller. So I went over to their site to check it out. The Avenger Controller isn’t a controller per se. It’s an medieval looking overlay


Citadel DLC: You are Perfect

Non Spoiler Rant I have to rant a bit before I begin. I HATE the idea of DLC. I understand it for multiplayer. There are servers to maintain after all. But if it’s part of the campaign I feel it the content included in the price of the game. Maybe locked, so you


Product Review: Boxsome Boxes

There’s a new “box of random fun” type service that’s come out, it’s called Boxsome and it’s ran by Top Hat Sasquatch. Since it is Top Hat Sasquatch it’s nostalgia based. This one’s a bit different from your typical box subscriptions though. First of all, it’s not actually a subscription. As their about


What We’re Up To: April

Happy April! This is what we’re up to this month: What We’re Reading: Nicole – I’m still reading Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow. I usually read on my lunch break, and didn’t really get many of those in March. I read a good amount of it this past weekend while my husband


Gaming with RSI

Growing up on computers has given me many things. An unyielding desire for information. A need to know how things work. A love for figuring how else I can make it work once it does. A career. A passion. It’s also given me horrible eyesight. And carpal tunnel at 26. I’m in


A Girl in Geek Culture…

Hi my name is Nicole. I’m 26. I’m female. And I play video games. And because of all that, I was nervous to write this post. This in itself shows how much of a problem we have.   This past week has seen a spike in coverage about women in geek culture.