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Cards Against Humanity: The Final 4 Holiday Bullshits

As of Monday, 12-23, I have received the last of the 12 Days of Holiday Bullshit gifts.  According to, I definitely received a number of these gifts very out of order, and as of typing this up on Monday evening, Bullshit 12 isn’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow.  Here is a breakdown


Cards Against Humanity: Holiday Bullshit 6, 7 & 8

3 more bullshits arrived on Thursday and Friday.  Something interesting has happened as well.  You can go to and find out what “official” day each gift you have lines up with.  There are two gifts I have not received yet that are on the site (I couldn’t contain myself from the spoilers, but


Cards Against Humanity: Holiday Bullshit Days 4 & 5

When I got home from work on Tuesday , 12-17-13, I received two more gifts!  Below are the contents of bullshits 4 and 5. Bullshit 4: CLUSTERFUCK! (a brand new game by the Cards Against Humanity team)   The full CLUSTERFUCK! game can be downloaded in pdf format at   Bullshit


Microsoft: XBOX One’s Tale of Sexism

For a company that is worth over $300 billion and a high amount of LGBT staff members, it seems Microsoft was quite the ideal career place to have. Just consider all the power of the benefits at your fingertips. In response to numerous complaints which can only be presumed are in the


Cards Against Humanity: 12 Days Of Holiday Bullshit

Looking for 10 Days Or Whatever of Kwanzaa information?  Check out my coverage here.   In the middle of November, I was tipped off that Cards Against Humanity had launched a campaign called 12 Days Of Holiday Bullshit.  If you were signed up for their mailing list, you got an email about


Let Me Use My Game Console as a Cable Box

I fear I’m losing my technology passion. I’m not excited about phones, upgrades are incremental at this point. I feel the same way about tablets. I couldn’t tell you what’s new with the iPad Air, other than it’s arier I suppose. And now I’m not excited about the new game consoles. Here’s where


Kickstarter Launched for Tabletop Video Game Eon Altar by Flying Helmet Games

Vancouver-based independent studio Flying Helmet Games launches a Kickstarter campaign, to fund Eon Altar, a new cooperative role-playing adventure that blends the experience of classic tabletop gaming and modern video games into a Tabletop Video Game. Eon Altar is an innovative Fantasy RPG Tabletop Video Game for Tablets and Handsets that brings


A Generation of Players: The Future of Gaming in Education

I have always been and will always be a book girl. Hard and paper backs arranged on their shelves, stacked on the floor, stored in dresser drawers, boxes, and lovinging read and re-read until their covers need a thick layer of packaging tape. I am forever the English professor’s daughter, raised in


Doctor Who: Card Game vs RPG

We’ve been playing a lot of tabletop games at home lately. On Tuesday I wrote about how we’re turning the Geekling into an awesome baby gamer, and all of that stems from our own love of gaming. Like any geeks, we’ll play pretty much any game once, and games themed after our


Building a Geekling Gamer

It’s no surprise to regular readers that I enjoy turning my geekling into the most fantastically geeky child in the history of the universe. She recognizes a majority of the 12 Doctors (she distinguishes between them by hair or hair style- last night she asked for a “Number 4” hat), knows the