5 on Friday: That’s A Syfy Thing Isn’t It?

Claire has finally made me start watching Battlestar Galactica. I’msyfy_Logo_7 also watching/playing Defiance. These are the first two Syfy shows I’ve watched since Sliders. Even though I’m just now starting both of these series, I found myself saying to Claire “that’s a Syfy thing isn’t it” during Battlestar. These are the trends I’ve noticed in this short time.

1) Multi-dimensional Female Characters – Syfy has some awesome female characters, and not just the generic “strong female character” that gets thrown in to say they have one. They all have unique personalities, and are fully fledged characters. As I continue into these series, I it will be interesting to see if they also pass the Bechdel Test.

2) Political Undertones – To be fair, this is almost more of a science fiction in general thing, than Syfy specific. I’m just not as used to seeing it done well on TV.

3) Long First Episodes – While enjoyable, wow were the first episodes of these shows long. I know when I watched Defiance I was hoping to squeeze in some gameplay after the show before bed, but a two hour premier didn’t allow that to happen.

4) Made Up Curse Words – I really have a feeling that “frak” and “shtako” are going to work their way into my vocabulary. Frak is already there a bit because of 30 Rock (and now I finally get the reference).

 5) Everyone Gets Laid – Ok, maybe not everyone, but it’s still pretty prevalent.

Like I said, I’m still at the beginning of both of these series, so I may be jumping to conclusions here. Do you think this is a fair comparison? If I ever start watching Warehouse 13 am I going to see these trends as well?

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