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Dungeons and Dragons: The Quest Continues

Last night was my third Dungeons and Dragons night, and another day where we got more into the story at hand. We started and ended the night with story development, which is giving the game a lot more purpose in my eyes. It seemed before hand, we were just wondering around getting


Entering the World of Dungeons and Dragons

I’m learning how to play Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. I went in with no idea what to expect, or how to prepare. I’m going to document my journey for anyone else who finds themselves in this position. Last night was my second game night. I’m combining the first two


Playing a Book, Reading a Game

This actually happened back in the summer, but I really didn’t have a good place to talk about it then so I’m writing about it now. Sometimes, two pieces of media just go together incredibly well. When I was on staycation this summer I started reading Amped by Daniel H. Wilson and playing Deus Ex: Human