What We’re Up To: May

We’re entering summer which means there will be a whole lot of awesome going on. Conventions, summer movies, and meetups oh my! Here’s what’s on our plate, at least for now.

What We’re Reading:

Nicole – I’m reading some free comics from Dark Horse right now. Unfortunately, my Marvel Free Comics offer got sent to my spam folder so I missed out on those.
Claire – WHATEVER I WANT! I have a stack of magazines and novels that I have been neglecting because of school.

What We’re Playing:

Nicole – Defiance, and probably will be for a while. It’s a huge open world with lots to do and explore. I never really thought I was the MMO type until this game came out.
Claire – D&D and Mass Effect.

What We’re Watching:

Nicole – Defiance, to go with my game of course. Claire got me finally started on Battlestar Galactica. And of course Star Trek comes out this month.
Claire – In movies: Iron Man 3, Star Trek: Into Darkness and The Great Gatsby. In TV: Warehouse 13, Defiance, any season finales that are on this month, and rewatching Buffy.

What We’re Working On:

Nicole – Another site redesign. Yes, I know we just had one, but that was kind of the temporary to hold us over since our old theme couldn’t be used on self-hosted wordpress. This one will be all us.
Claire – I have 2 weeks off before my internship, so I will be relaxing. And actually cleaning my house. 

Our Calendar:

May 1st – Nicole will be checking out Jurassic Park in IMAX with some of the crew from Horrible Night.
May 2nd – Nicole will be playing Mass Effect 3 co-op with Co-Op Heroes, you should watch.
May 3rd – Claire will be hitting the Iron Man 3 midnight showing.
May 3rd – We’ll be promoting the May 4th Circle City Bout, and the photo booth we’ll have at that bout, at First Friday in Fountain Square.
May 4th – This is going to be a super busy day for us. We’ll be checking out Free Comic Book Day at Downtown Comics in Indianapolis. Then, we head up to Fishers for the Circle City Derby Girls bout. We’ll have a free photo booth at the bout so come by and say Hi!
May 11th – Our guys also play roller derby, so we’ll be supporting them at the Race City Rebels home opener.
May 17th – Star Trek premiere at midnight.
May 23rd – Cards Against Humanity with Girls Pint Out at New Day Meadery in Fountain Square.
May 30th – They Might Be Giants are coming to Indianapolis, so you know we had to go!

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