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Really Paramount?

I had been looking forward attending the Star Trek Into Darkness midnight premier. I happened to have the following Friday off for another reason, so no exhausted next day at work for me. Then Paramount announced they would be having “special fan sneak peaks” in IMAX on the Wednesday before at 8:00pm.


What We’re Up To: May

We’re entering summer which means there will be a whole lot of awesome going on. Conventions, summer movies, and meetups oh my! Here’s what’s on our plate, at least for now. What We’re Reading: Nicole – I’m reading some free comics from Dark Horse right now. Unfortunately, my Marvel Free Comics offer got sent


Pure Geekery’s Summer Movie Guide for Geeks

Summer is a fabulous time to be a geek: conventions are in full swing, weekends are free to spend on cosplay and video games, and the movies couldn’t be better. I don’t know about you, but the multiplex is my home away from home in the summer and 2013 summer movie season


Shit My Husband Says: Spock

Him: I’m your Spock, aren’t I? Me: Yeah, pretty much. Him: I’m going to show you a logical time.