Really Paramount?

I had been looking forward attending the Star Trek Into Darkness midnight premier. I happened to have the following Friday off for another reason, so no exhausted next day at work for me. Then Paramount announced they would be having “special fan sneak peaks” in IMAX on the Wednesday before at 8:00pm. Which was odd, but oh well, nothing really beats the late night fun of a midnight showing.

But then leading up to the event, one week out in fact, Paramount announced that they would be moving the opening day of Star Trek from 5/17 to 5/16. Not cool Paramount, not cool. Most businesses require two weeks out for PTO request so it was too late for anyone who had planned the Friday off to adjust. Being on a Wednesday night into Thursday morning will screw the productivity for Thursday and Friday, instead of just Friday.

I get it Paramount, you need a big opening weekend. And I’m sure you’ll see an increase in opening weekend numbers (I hope they’re printed with an asterisk though). And I know this is just pointless ranting because I’m still seeing the show on Thursday night at a not-quite-midnight-showing (join us if you’re in the Indianapolis area!).

But next time, if you choose to pull a move like this, at least give us time to adjust our schedules.

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