Product Review: Boxsome Boxes

There’s a new “box of random fun” type service that’s come out, it’s called Boxsome and it’s ran by Top Hat Sasquatch. Since it is Top Hat Sasquatch it’s nostalgia based. This one’s a bit different from your typical box subscriptions though.

First of all, it’s not actually a subscription. As their about states “Monthly fees just make me think of bills. I’d rather just buy geek stuff whenever I feel like it, but that’s just me.” It’s not just you. I used to subscribe to Whimseybox and half the time I didn’t want whatever was in the box. The project just did not interest me. So being able to just buy when I want is a big plus.

The second thing that makes Boxsome different is that it comes in an envelope, not a box. This, is also a plus. Don’t send me a box full of fancy packaging that I’m just going to throw away better. Occam’s razor people, the simplest solution is usually the correct one.

Third, you have some idea of what you’re getting before you even pay. You have some surprises to make it fun of course, but you’re not going to end up with something you have zero interest in.

Onto what was in the box itself.







Not a bad haul if I do say so myself. I’ll be keeping an eye on Boxsome for when there’s another full of goodies I’d like (especially if its lots of Sega stuff). I was really grateful this service came out when it did, because I desperately needed fun stickers and stuff to send to my Geek Girl Pen Pal.

Boxsome boxes are $7.00 + shipping. But readers of Pure Geekery can get a 20% discount through 4/10/13 by using code “PUREGEEKERY” (without the quotes). So hurry over and get some nostalgic fun delivered to your door.

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