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Contemporary Nerd Cave: Version 1.0

If you follow us on Instagram you know I spent last week working on my nerd cave, a project I’ve been planning for a little while now. I wanted to create a contemporary and girly space for my gaming. Which meant I was on my own as far as inspiration goes. Surprisingly, even


App Review: Home Routines

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to keep the new house nice and clean. I really only stick with goals if I can track them. If I don’t track them, I get distracted and end up spending all of my goal time playing Xbox. So I went in search of an


Recipe: Drop Biscuits and Bacon Sausage Gravy

When I was growing up, I refused to eat biscuits and gravy. I didn’t like that it looked “grey.” I held onto this belief until a few years ago when I had biscuits and gravy at the Red Lion while watching Men’s Roller Derby championships. It was then that I realized what


5 on Friday: Coffee Brewing Methods

I’m not a coffee snob, but I am coffee selective. Sure, I’ll drink a cup of drip brew Folgers (or even worse, an over roasted too hot coffee from Starbucks) but most of the time I prefer a better (by my definition) cup of coffee. This of course changes with the day


The Duvet Cover is a Lie

I had to wash the bedding last week. Pixel (our terrier) decided that would be a nice warm place to pee. Thankfully we had a ton of blankets on the bed because of the polar vortex so the mattress was safe. But as I stared at the pile of bedding I knew


Obligitory New Year’s Resolutions Post

So its the beginning of the year which means its time to do the New Year’s resolution post. Typically, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. They’re too vauge to accomplish. They don’t have a plan. But this year I’m going to try. To make them work, I’m setting concrete goals. Most of these goals


Atomic Living Merging Into Pure Geekery

When I bought my new place, I created a blog to document the process; Atomic Living. Well, taking on two blog projects was more work than I really anticipated. I had thought it’d be simple, just write a little more. But I forgot about all the promotion and social stuff that goes


Planning the Nerd Cave

The massive undertaking of painting the living room is complete! I’ll have pictures and a post for you once we get all the post-holiday cleanup done, but for now it’s time to move onto Project #2: The Nerd Cave. I was finally able to get my Xbox hooked up for the first time


7 Shades of Grey: Choosing a Paint Color

If you look back at the photos of our first home, you might notice that Eric and I like grey. It’s a nice, clean neutral. And even though it’s a neutral, I don’t find it as boring as beige (sorry to all you beige lovers). And looking at some mid-century color palettes,


You Light Up My Life

Now that we’re all moved in we’ve started tackling some projects. Eric has installed insulation in the attic above the garage in hopes of keeping his workspace warm, we’ve ordered some new appliances, put up curtains, and most notably begun replacing the lighting throughout the house. Our house is a bit on