Contemporary Nerd Cave: Version 1.0

If you follow us on Instagram you know I spent last week working on my nerd cave, a project I’ve been planning for a little while now. I wanted to create a contemporary and girly space for my gaming. Which meant I was on my own as far as inspiration goes. Surprisingly, even Pinterest doesn’t have a ton of ideas for a contemporary nerd cave, let alone a girly one. So here’s what I came up with.


My husband replaced the very square, very small, built in with a more rectangular one that would be able to hold my Xbox and receiver, and have room to grow if I choose to get another console or two. It also has room for my extra turntable, which we really didn’t think about when we built it, but I’m happy I have the space for it.

It's straight. My photo isn't.

It’s straight. My photo isn’t.

Color…and Lots of It

I don’t typically use a ton of color when painting. And I was a little tricked into using more than I normally would have in this room. I didn’t get a test sample of the color and just went off the color card. I picked out Pittsburgh Paint’s Shining Armor (or as I like to call it, Alistair). It looked grey on the card, but in reality it’s a grey-ish purple. And I love it. Mixed with the teal of the built-in it really pops. I also found this awesome Q-Bert like rug on

The end result, complete with puppies.

The end result, complete with puppies.


We had this in the before pictures, but we wanted a place to store games, movies, and CDs. The Ikea BESTA was perfect in its acrylic white. It brighens the room and just looks crisp on the wall.

Version 2.0

As awesome as the room looks so far, we still have plenty of work to do before reaching version 2.0.

  • Ceiling Fan – The one we have is dated and very loud. I can’t wait to replace it with something with more light and doesn’t sound like it’s planning on taking off. I want to go with an all white fan to match the cabinet.
  • More Storage – I need a place to put my records. While we are looking for the perfect mid-century media console for the living room (where the main turntable is), it won’t hold my growing collection for long. I’m waiting for Ikea’s EXPEDIT replacement to come out.
  • Paint the Nook – We have a small closet/nook where my books and tabletop games live that still needs to be painted the same teal that’s in the built in.
  • Art Work – This will be continuing, but I’m on the lookout for cool posters to put on the walls. Most likely minimalist game and movie posters.

Version 3.0

A bit further down the line we need to figure out what to do with our desk. It’s a built in as well, but it could use a refresh (I’d love it to be white like most everything else). Plus it’s not really possible to paint over there until it’s replaced. You just can’t trim in the ceiling easily.



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