7 Shades of Grey: Choosing a Paint Color

If you look back at the photos of our first home, you might notice that Eric and I like grey. It’s a nice, clean neutral. And even though it’s a neutral, I don’t find it as boring as beige (sorry to all you beige lovers). And looking at some mid-century color palettes, it’s pretty spot on for the look we’re going for.

To Sherwin-Williams!

Sherwin-Williams has an amazing collection of historic paint colors, including a Suburban Modern collection. So this is where we started our search. We looked at the color schemes, browsed tons of colors, and finally narrowed it down to two options. We got home and Eric rolled it onto the walls. And he was disappointed. Not in the colors, they looked great, but in the quality of the paint. It didn’t seem to roll on as well or cover as well as some of the hardware store paint we’ve purchased in the past. We thought it might be the quality of sample paint. Eric knew one of his coworkers had recently painted his home with Sherwin-Williams paint, so he asked about it. His coworker wasn’t impressed either, and he bought the second-highest line they make.

Back to Square One…

After finding out that while they may have some amazing paint colors, Sherwin-Williams wasn’t the easiest to paint with we were back at the beginning again. We went to Menards to buy paint, which is where we typically go. Since the samples were less expensive, we picked five that we liked and we thought might be close to the Sherwin-Williams color. Which is how we ended up with seven shades of grey on the wall.

Seven shades down, 43 to go.

Seven shades down, 43 to go.

We ended up going with the middle color of the top set of colors in the photo above. We liked the one to the right of it a bit better, but it looked a bit washed out next to the oak. Eric is painting as I write up this post, hopefully we’ll have pictures soon!

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