You Light Up My Life

Eric installing the new lighting in the great room.

Eric installing the new lighting in the great room.

Now that we’re all moved in we’ve started tackling some projects. Eric has installed insulation in the attic above the garage in hopes of keeping his workspace warm, we’ve ordered some new appliances, put up curtains, and most notably begun replacing the lighting throughout the house.

Our house is a bit on the darkside once the sun goes down. We have tons of natural light during the day from the oversized windows, but at night it gets dark quick. We’ve started to replace lighting in the various rooms around the house.

Lighting Up the Master Bedroom

None of the bedrooms in our house have built in lights. The previous owners relied on lamps for their lighting needs. We have no lamps. Plus, we really just prefer ceiling lighting. Since there’s a vaulted ceiling, Eric put the lights facing the windows/north wall.

Lighting Up the Great Room

The great room has two huge windows, plus the windows at the top of the house. So during the day it’s great. However, in the evening it becomes dark. There are lights by the loft, a couple of single lights shining on the fireplace, and a ceiling fan that gives off little light. So we have replaced the single lights with track lights that shine on the fireplace, up the ceiling, and towards the couch. We installed a massive 72″ ceiling fan with a bright 125W equivalent CFL. The lights near the loft have been ordered, but won’t even ship until 1/8. Which is what happens apparently when you fall in love with fancy designer lights on Cyber Monday.

Making the Laundry Room Lighting Efficient

I hate coming into a dark house. Nothing bothers me more than not being able to see when I walk in the door after work. I tend to leave the laundry room light  on all the time to offset this problem. So, this light needs to be extra efficient. We went with a fluorescent flush mount light keep that part of the house lit without burning through tons of electricity.

We still have several lights to replace throughout the house, but we’re getting there!

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