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Choosing a Realtor

While we may have decided to sell our house in record time, we took our time finding a Realtor. Granted, we shoved what would probably been two weeks of interviews into one week. I spoke to five Realtors over the course of a week, meeting with them during lunch and after work.


Choosing to Sell Our Home

Major decisions are supposed to require a lot of thought. You are supposed to mull them over and come to a logical conclusion after weighing the pros and cons. You are not supposed to go to an open house out of curiosity, and decide to start the process of listing your house


Geek Cooking: Vanilla Almond Marshmallows

This healthy eating geek girl has a deep dark secret: I love marshmallows. I love them in hot chocolate, on ice cream, or in a giant bowl where they can shine all on their own. And when it comes to desserts, nothing is better than homemade. The Fiance and I have been


Project time: Whiteboard Table

I have this need to reinvent myself with the seasons. There’s something about the world changing outside that makes me want to evolve inside as well. Wardrobe, hobbies, and, at the moment, my apartment. (Although, if anyone has suggestions for learning archery, I’m all ears. It’s one of my spring/summer goals to