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Building an Entryway (and a Bench!)

My entry way has been kind of bland since we moved in. It had the same cheap console table we bought from Target when we moved into our first house (pro tip: changing the handles on those makes them look so much nicer). And that was it. This wouldn’t be so bad,


I’ve Been: Building Dog Beds

I have two very, very spoiled pups. They have multiple beds throughout the house, so they always have some place comfortable to sleep. (Even if they still do end up on the furniture most the time.) Up until this point, the beds have always been the generic kind you get at the


I Built a Floor Lamp!

We have a serious lack of overhead lighting in our house. Two of the three bedrooms have no overhead light at all, and no easy access to add it. The third bedroom only has overhead lighting because my husband added some the week we moved in. And while table lamps work, there’s


I’ve Been: Mod Podging All The Things!

Yup, yet another post about making things. You’ll probably keep seeing more of these for a while (added bonus, I feel way less guilty binge watching Netflix if I’m working on something). Lately I’ve been doing a more traditionally crafty thing of playing around with Mod Podge. I didn’t realize some glue


I Built an Ottoman!

After refinishing a piece of furniture my husband made, I started getting confidence in my ability to work on things. I wanted to build something, on my own. So I started looking at blogs and on Pinterest to find stuff to make. And when I saw this ottoman I thought it’d be


I’ve Been: Refinishing Furniture

I’ve not been blogging a lot lately. It’s not been a conscious decision, so much as I’ve just been finding other ways to occupy my time. So I thought I’d let you in on what I’ve been doing instead. And really this happens enough that I’m going to go ahead and give this


Home Automation: Choosing a Platform

Disclaimer: We decided on and purchased SmartThings on our own. There are affiliate links that will give us a cut if you buy it though. It seems home automation is becoming the next big thing in consumer tech.  It’s been something enthusiasts have been playing with for years now. But with prices and difficulty


Product Review: Green Bean Delivery

Growing up we had a milk box on our back porch. We would get delicious things like chocolate milk and popsicles delivered, and probably more but they didn’t stick in my memory because they definitely weren’t as tasty. As I got older, the delivery stopped and the tin box became a hiding


Product Review: Harry Potter Wall Decal from Decal Guru

Disclaimer: The Decal Guru contacted us asking for a review, and sent us the wall decal and a logo decal. This didn’t impact my review. Wall decals make me nervous. The idea of putting stickers on my painstakingly painted walls does not give me the warm and fuzzies. I totally get them for apartments.


5 on Friday: Throw a Geeky BBQ With Think Geek

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. It centers around hanging out with your friends and family, cooking out, having a few beers, and then watching stuff explode. It’s really perfect if you think about it. Of course, when you have your friends and family over for a cook