Product Review: Green Bean Delivery

Growing up we had a milk box on our back porch. We would get delicious things like chocolate milk and popsicles delivered, and probably more but 10708423_10102168193325198_1457250223_nthey didn’t stick in my memory because they definitely weren’t as tasty. As I got older, the delivery stopped and the tin box became a hiding place, a toy chest, and eventually gardening storage. Grocery delivery seemed a thing of the past and I became familiar with the scourge of the perpetually broken shopping cart.

Over the last 10 years, however, grocery delivery has made a resurgence (at least in the midwest). Different services offer different things, from conventional produce to local organic produce, dry goods, and everyday grocery store finds like chips and cheese crackers. Being able to come home to the shopping already done saves time and money wasted wandering aisles and picking up un-needed merchandise.

Green Bean Delivery specializes in fresh local and organic produce and natural groceries delivered right to your door. Orders can be customized online in a variety of ways including produce bin size, extra groceries or produce added, and which weeks a consumer wants food delivered. For example, if you order a small bin, you are required to purchase at least $35 in produce to avoid a delivery fee. every week a produce order is auto loaded in to your cart, but you can add and delete as many items as you want based on that week’s needs. After choosing produce, you have the option to add natural groceries from a huge selection including dry goods, dairy and meats. If your delivery is on Wednesday, your customization must be done by the Monday before; you will receive an email alerting you that it’s time to customize so you don’t forget. (Great for those of us who are completely overwhelmed with life!) Finally, you can decide what weeks you want your food delivered: every week, every other week, every 2 weeks, etc. Leave empty bins outside your door on delivery day and they will switch them out with a full bin at drop off. Choices of bins include a small medium or large bin, a fruit bin, and a produce and grocery bin great for 1 or 2 people. Green Bean’s website also includes recipes, a blog, and information on their Constant Canned Food Drive. (Instant good karma!)

My bin of fruits and vegetable were fresh, mostly local, organic and seriously delicious. The Husband commented that the apples were just like the ones off his grandpa’s tree when he was a kid, something he hasn’t tasted in years. The weekly variety is fun, forcing us to really think more about nightly meals and be more creative in our cooking. Being able to see how much my order is before confirming is also a plus; sometimes i get grocery store sticker shock if I haven’t paid enough attention while I’m shopping. Between that and the fact that I can have the bin delivered directly to my door and avoid throwing all my money in the Target wormhole was the tipping point for my family. We’re hooked and have become weekly subscribers!

To check out Green Bean Delivery’s website for yourself, click here. and if you decide to give it a try (and I highly recommend you do!), use this coupon code for 15% off your first order: 15PGml. Grab the chance fast though, because the code expires on Friday, September 26!



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