5 on Friday: Coffee Brewing Methods

I’m not a coffee snob, but I am coffee selective. Sure, I’ll drink a cup of drip brew Folgers (or even worse, an over roasted too hot coffee from Starbucks) but most of the time I prefer a better (by my definition) cup of coffee. This of course changes with the day and situation, but these are my go-to coffee brewing methods (from favorite to least favorite).

1) Siphon/Vacuum Brew

siphon coffee brew

Siphon brew coffee at SoHo Cafe in Indy.

I was instantly intrigued when I saw the siphon brew method in my local paper. And stoked when I found out my favorite local coffee house, SoHo Cafe and Gallery, was serving siphon brew coffee. The method is best for lighter roast coffee, and brings out all the subtle flavors within. It’st the only coffee I drink regularly without cream. Plus, it looks like a science experiment so it get’s extra points for that. It’s easy to do at  home, and somewhere in my moving boxes I have a Yama stovetop siphon at home and it’s super easy to use.

2) Pour Over

Back of Bodum pour over coffee maker.

Stock photo of the Bodum B. Over.

I cheat with my pour over coffee. I use an automatic pour over coffeemaker. And it’s awesome. It’s great for when I have guests because it basically acts like any other coffee pot. You put the water and coffee in, hit the button, and it’s done. I’ve also recently realized that the carafe will keep coffee warm longer than the three hours advertised. So it gets a bonus there too. As I’ve reviewed before, I use the Bodum B.Over.

3) Keurig

Newman's Own K-Cup

My k-cup of choice.

I can hear the true coffee snobs gasping at the high place the Keurig gets on my list. But you know what, it’s my everyday coffee. I have one at my desk and that’s what I drink at work. It’s basically glorified drip coffee. But, it’s a bit more precise in temperature, and there’s no mess which is why I like it at work. Plus, since each cup is vacuum sealed, it does taste a bit fresher than drip coffee tends to.

4) French Press

Bodum French Press

Bodum French Press stock photo.

The French Press was my go-to for the longest time, and it still has it’s uses. But it’s really best for dark roast coffee, which isn’t really my thing anymore. I do like to use the French Press when I want that kind of coffee though, or when I’m making a latte or mocha and want a stronger base.

5) Percolator 


This is an emotional attachment more than anything else. My mom tends to make percolator coffee on holidays, in an antique percolator similar to the one pictured above (which is new). My dad says it reminds him of the coffee my great-grandmother used to make. I don’t really particularly like it (big surprise, I’m not an espresso fan) but I do love the sounds and smells associated with percolators.

There are several coffee brewing methods I have yet to try. The Aeropress seems interesting, and I’ve heard good things. I’m also really interested in the iCoffee automatic steam coffee maker that Solid Gold Eats reviewed. But I’m pretty sure having four coffee makers when I’m the only one who drinks coffee is excessive enough as it is.

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