Product Review: Bodum BISTRO B. Over Pour Over Coffeemaker

Back of Bodum pour over coffee maker.

There’s not much to see, but I like seeing it.

I’m the type of person who loves to try new ways to make coffee, so I have a wide variety of coffeemakers. I have a French Press, a vacuum pot, a Keurig, and now I’ve added the Bodum BISTRO B. Over Pour Over coffee maker to my list. Why another option (especially following my last post about having too much stuff)? Well, the french press and vacuum pot (especially the vacuum pot) make great cups of coffee, but are time consuming and not ideal for entertaining. The Keurig makes an OK cup of coffee, but I took it to work while we were selling the house and it’s taken up permanent residence there. And after about five years, it’s starting to struggle with quality issues like inconsistent pours. It’s nearing the end of it’s life, and it’s time to upgrade.

I started looking at coffeemakers, and decided that what I really wanted was an automatic coffeemaker that consistently brewed good coffee, and enough coffee to serve while I was entertaining. I read some reviews online, and the Bodum Pour Over Coffeemaker seemed to be what I was looking for in a coffeemaker. Plus, it’s pretty. And when I found out it was on sale at JCPenny for 70% off, I ran out and bought one.

bodum b. over on countertop

I was supposed to get something smaller. Whoops.


The Bodum Pour Over Coffeemaker is more convenient than a traditional pour over brew method for sure. You don’t have to boil the water, check the temperature, slowly pour the water over the beans ensuring they’re all saturated. The Bodum machine does all that for you. But since it takes a while to brew and the filter has to be cleaned out between every use, it’s less convenient than a regular drip style coffee maker.


This thing creates an amazing cup of coffee. You coffee comes out with a clean flavor, and it’s not scalding hot nor is it too cold. It’s the cup of coffee Goldilocks would have chosen if she had been presented with coffee instead of porridge.


Not only does the coffee taste great, it consistently tastes great. It doesn’t matter if you’re brewing two cups or ten, the Bodum Pour Over Coffeemaker makes a good cup of coffee every time. Not sure what more you can ask for.

Build Quality

Top of bodum b over carafe.

This is the only part that seems shoddy.

I can’t say much on build quality since I’ve only had it a couple of weeks. But the coffee maker itself seems solid. The carafe however doesn’t seem as well built. I’m waiting for the top pouring mechanism to break. Granted, I did buy the display model, so that may be why it seems iffy. But I think it’s just that it’s all plastic. On the plus side, since it’s all plastic I won’t drop and break it as easily.


Overall, the Bodum makes a consistently good cup of coffee without much fuss. It’s a bit large on my countertop but it has a futuristic type of look that I like so I don’t mind. Plus, I really like the exposed back. I’d recommend it if you’re a bit more particular about your coffee than the average person. But if you’re just a grab-and-go coffee drinker, it is likely not worth the extra cost.

4 / 5 stars     
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