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5 on Friday: Coffee Brewing Methods

I’m not a coffee snob, but I am coffee selective. Sure, I’ll drink a cup of drip brew Folgers (or even worse, an over roasted too hot coffee from Starbucks) but most of the time I prefer a better (by my definition) cup of coffee. This of course changes with the day


Product Review: Bodum BISTRO B. Over Pour Over Coffeemaker

I’m the type of person who loves to try new ways to make coffee, so I have a wide variety of coffeemakers. I have a French Press, a vacuum pot, a Keurig, and now I’ve added the Bodum BISTRO B. Over Pour Over coffee maker to my list. Why another option (especially


Noms Review: Red Bull Limited Edition Flavors

Before I get into the review, I feel I must confess my love of Red Bull. It’s the kind of bias I feel I should disclose. It gives me the best effect (alert but no jitters) and I like when I go to their website they feature athletes instead of bikini girls.


Product Review: Café Escapes K-Cups

Disclaimer: I’m a member of BzzAgent, which is a community that sends you free stuff to sample and review. I was invited to join the Café Escapes campaign, and thought you all might be interested as I assume you’re all caffeine fiends like myself. I got the K-Cups for free, along with some two


5 on Friday: Getting Through the Long Days

It’s been a rough few weeks at work, and I’m not sure it’s going to get better anytime soon. I’m missing derby practice, which makes me feel awful; both physically and emotionally. I’m in QA, and being at the end of the chain means all the backups leading up to a release


5 on Friday: Tools to Thrive After the Apocalypse

Happy end of the world! Today I present to you, five tools to help you thrive after the apocalypse. There are of course the typical food, water, and weapons that you’ll probably need. But what else? There has to be more to post-apocalyptic living then that, right? Distilling Kit – The world