Atomic Living Merging Into Pure Geekery

When I bought my new place, I created a blog to document the process; Atomic Living. Well, taking on two blog projects was more work than I really anticipated. I had thought it’d be simple, just write a little more. But I forgot about all the promotion and social stuff that goes into blogging. When I work on one blog, the other suffered. (Plus, Eric didn’t really like me hanging over his shoulder with a camera.)

With that in mind, I asked in our Facebook group how you would feel if I merged the two together. I particularly liked Justin from Horrible Night‘s response: “Simplicity. Put it all in one place. You’re a geek. Geeks have homes. QED.”

Over the next couple of weeks you’ll see a bunch of new posts coming in from where I merge the Atomic Living content into Pure Geekery. You’ll also get more home and lifestyle type posts going forward. I hope you all enjoy it!


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