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No matter what, I will write.

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t been writing as much this month. I thought about waiting until December and then posting about how I was boycotting blogging because I think National Blog Post Month/National Novel Writing Month are ridiculously stupid. I refuse to justify either phrase’s stupid abbreviation by writing them down.


Atomic Living Merging Into Pure Geekery

When I bought my new place, I created a blog to document the process; Atomic Living. Well, taking on two blog projects was more work than I really anticipated. I had thought it’d be simple, just write a little more. But I forgot about all the promotion and social stuff that goes


The Facebook Problem

I’m under no assumption that Pure Geekery is some kind of crazy monolith. I know that this blog is a place for Claire and I to talk about things we enjoy, things that bother us, and things we feel are important. Our fan base isn’t huge, but I like to think of


Blogging Lessons: What Works for One, Doesn’t Always Work for Another

As we round out the first year of Pure Geekery, I started my second blog Atomic Living. It’s more of a lifestyle/DIY/home blog than Pure Geekery is. This past weekend I went to my first event as Atomic Living, the Indie Arts  & Vintage Marketplace. And learned a valuable lesson that what


Service Review: TeeSpring

Claire and I have been working on finding ways to start getting Pure Geekery to at least pay for itself. We’re running ads, have opened an Amazon store, and a Spreadshirt shop. But our first try was to use a service called TeeSpring to fundraise for our upcoming Fandom Fest trip. Why


Support Us!

We’ve just opened up two new shops for your geek needs. Every purchase goes to help keep Pure Geekery running. T-Shirts: If you bought one of our shirts when we did the first limited run, you got your shirt at a discount. If you missed out you’re in luck! We’ve brought them


Convenient, Because That’s Precisely Our Goal…

You’ve been hearing about it since January and now How Geek Girls Will Rule the World, the book I was featured in, is available for purchase on Amazon. I received my complimentary copy on Monday and have been flipping through it over the last few days. What I really like about the book is, aside from the


Buy a Shirt, Get Us to Conventions

Spring time. When the days get longer, allergies flare up, and convention season approaches out of nowhere. We’re hoping to get to a few this summer, but we need your help! Using TeeSpring, we’ve created shirts with our slogan “Geek Culture. Derby Attitude.” TeeSpring works a bit like kickstarter, in that so


Achievement Unlocked: Switch to Self Hosted

We’ve officially taken the next step and moved off of free WordPress to WordPress self hosted. There are several changes that have taken place and will continue to take place as we grow. Here are the changes we’ve made and the ones we will make soon: New layout: The layout we were


2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. It’s a lot of fun, and really interesting with my 2012 only being 2 months. Here’s an excerpt: The new Boeing 787 Dreamliner can carry about 250 passengers. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2012. If it