Buy a Shirt, Get Us to Conventions

Spring time. When the days get longer, allergies flare up, and convention season approaches out of nowhere. We’re hoping to get to a few this summer, but we need your help! Using TeeSpring, we’ve created shirts with our slogan “Geek Culture. Derby Attitude.” TeeSpring works a bit like kickstarter, in that so many shirts have to be sold before they ship. We’re hoping to sell at least 15 of the women’s shirts, and at least 10 of the men’s shirts. But you have to order by May 13th, after that they’re gone at this price.

If we meet our goal, we’ll have our hotel room covered for one of two nights at Fandom Fest. Please help us out!

Click here to buy the women's shirt.

Click here to buy the women’s shirt.

Click here to buy the men's shirt.

Click here to buy the men’s shirt.