The Facebook Problem

Facebook IconI’m under no assumption that Pure Geekery is some kind of crazy monolith. I know that this blog is a place for Claire and I to talk about things we enjoy, things that bother us, and things we feel are important. Our fan base isn’t huge, but I like to think of you guys as pretty loyal.  Heck, 352 of you have taken the time to find our Facebook page and “Like” us there. (You like us, you really like us!)

Herein lies the Facebook problem. Lately only 40-70 of you (on average) see what we post. See, recently Facebook changed their algorithm. Now our fans only really see our posts if we pay to promote them. Now Facebook is a private company and can do whatever they damn well please. But we kind of think that sucks. I mean, if they’re going to mine the hell out of my data, the least they can do is give me some decent reach! We have a few options going forward, and would like to know what you’d be interested in. Afterall, so many of you end up here through Facebook.

Oh and in case you’re wondering why we don’t pay, the minimum is $5 per day per post. Aint’ nobody got that kind of budget.

 Solution #1: Facebook Group

The first option is a Facebook group. Indy PopCon and Fandom Cosmetics have recently started doing this. It’d be more of a community feel, and less of us just telling you stuff. It’s not ideal (seems like lots of moderation) but it’s something that’s gaining popularity.

 Solution #2: Mailing List

Right now, you can subscribe to our blog via email. But, really that’s it. It’s just an email that lets you know there’s an update. We could work on making this better for all of you, or at least more pleasant to look at. This seems to be the best solution from my perspective, but I’d like to know if this is something you’d be interested in. So we’re not blowing up your inbox, I’d likely do one a week (but I’d be willing to do more if you’re interested!).

Solution #3: Begging You to Set Up Facebook Notifications

Lastly, I can beg you to change your notifications so you are alerted whenever we post something. Which really, by saying that’s an option I’m kind of begging already.

Solution #4: ???

You guys are smart, and I’m sure you know of options we haven’t thought of yet. So if there’s a way you want to get your Pure Geekery posts, let us know!

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