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It’s OK to Disagree

You all (hopefully) saw Claire’s post on Thursday about disconnecting. And when you saw that, you probably thought of all the places Pure Geekery is on the web. One of our readers even made us a “clog all the pipes” meme. Well that’s mostly me. I am a big social networking fan.


5 on Friday: Five Ways to Track Your Media

I have problems tracking all the things I want to read, play, and watch. Which seems like it shouldn’t be that big of a problem, until it’s Saturday night and my husband and I are playing the verbal Ping-Pong of “no, what do you want to watch.” It’s extra frustrating when you


The Facebook Problem

I’m under no assumption that Pure Geekery is some kind of crazy monolith. I know that this blog is a place for Claire and I to talk about things we enjoy, things that bother us, and things we feel are important. Our fan base isn’t huge, but I like to think of


5 on Friday: 5 Satirical Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

There’s been some shakeups happening in the Pure Geekery twitterverse. Claire has joined Twitter as @PurelyClaire! Before Claire was on Twitter, I was running the Pure Geekery twitter account off of my personal account. I switched it back to being just me, so I’m now @PurelyNicole. If you were following @Pure_Geekery you


Overchoice: Drowning in a Sea of Apps

We as consumers are suffering from overchoice with our devices. There are too many apps. Too many services. Too many options. Let me rephrase that; there are too many apps that do X, where X is any popular service at the moment. We become paralyzed by the choices, fearing we will pick


Online Communities Build Real-Life Communities

Hello everyone. My name is Ryan, and I am a…message board/forum addict 🙂 Since I started getting involved in online communities in high school back around 1998, I’ve loved everything about them. My introduction to online communities came from an unexpected group of people, which were hippies. When my brother left for


Digg Reader: Simple and Social

Digg is back with it’s Google Reader replacement, Digg Reader. Saying Digg is back seems weird though. It seems Digg has always been around. When I was in college I’d waste time on Digg much like I imagine students must waste time on reddit now. In fact, the sites work much in


App Review: Boldomatic

I was contacted by a representative from Boldomatic who wanted me to check out their app. They had stumbled across my review of Whims, and thought I might be interested since its another “words as pictures” type app. I’m always interested in new apps so I gave it a shot. When the


May the Fourth Photo Booth

We had a great time at the May 4th Circle City Derby Girls Bout! Not only was it a nail biter of a game with an electric crowd, but we got to have fun with fans and take photos at our photo booth! We hope you had as much fun as we did. Please


Think Then Post: Responsibility in Citizen Journalism

Do you use twitter? Or Facebook? Or any social network? Do you have a phone with a camera? Congratulations, you are a citizen journalist. Whether you want to be or not. With these tools you are able to spread information, or misinformation, around the globe with the press of a button. Stop