5 on Friday: 5 Satirical Twitter Accounts You Should Follow

Pure Geekery Twitter AccountsThere’s been some shakeups happening in the Pure Geekery twitterverse. Claire has joined Twitter as @PurelyClaire! Before Claire was on Twitter, I was running the Pure Geekery twitter account off of my personal account. I switched it back to being just me, so I’m now @PurelyNicole. If you were following @Pure_Geekery you are are now following @PurelyNicole. So go re-follow @Pure_Geekery. I’m sorry for all the confusion, it stems from me not making the best choices when I started Pure Geekery.

One of the reasons I love Twitter so much is because it’s full of satire and snark. So in honor of Claire joining, I’m recommending my five favorite satirical Twitter accounts.

  1. The Fake Pinterest (@PinterestFake) – Let’s face it, Pinterest can get a bit ridiculous, with its all natural homemade cleaners in mason jars. The Fake Pinterest pokes fun at all that is pinterest.
    Fake Pinterest Tweets
  2. Feminist Taylor Swift (@FeministTSwift) – What happens if you take Taylor Swift lyrics and throw in a dash of feminism? Feminist Taylor Swift happens. While I’ll admit I don’t get about half of the lyric references, I still find the effect hilarious.
  3. Jaded Punk Hulk (@JADEDPUNKHULK) – You got  JadedPunk.com in my @DrunkHulk! You got Drunk Hulk in my JadedPunk.com! @JadedPunkHulk loves to make fun of emo/hardcore/punk bands, and is popular enough you’ll see musicians interacting which makes it all the more fun.
  4. Fake Science (@FakeScience) – I have little patience for the anti-science movement that seems to be everywhere right now. From anti-vaccines to Creation Museums we seem to be heading backwards. @FakeScience pokes fun at the way people dismiss science.
  5. Death Star PR (@DeathStarPR) – Blowing up peaceful planets isn’t the best for your image. You have to counteract that with a good PR department.
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