Achievement Unlocked: Switch to Self Hosted

We’ve officially taken the next step and moved off of free WordPress to WordPress self hosted. There are several changes that have taken place and will continue to take place as we grow. Here are the changes we’ve made and the ones we will make soon:

  • New layout: The layout we were using before was not compatible with WordPress self hosted, so we had to change. There will likely be several more changes around this as we figure out what we do and do not like. The coolest thing though? The site is now responsive. That means, instead of getting some mobile version of the site, the site scales to be viewed well on all devices
  • Disqus: Some of you have asked why we’re not using Disqus comments. And simply put, we couldn’t before.
  • Ads: Yes, we will start having ads. Please don’t block them. Getting to conventions and events, buying products to review, and basic site maintenance all take money. We’re really hoping at some point the site will be able to support itself.
  • HTML Control: We can now add to the HTML of our site, which means we can use services out there for things like giveaways. We’ll actually be having our first giveaway tomorrow!

I’d like to send a big thank you to Fox Design Werx. They are our hosting service, and have done an excellent job handling the migration and making sure I was well informed of everything that was happening. They don’t charge anymore than other hosting services, but you actually get service. They don’t just turn you loose. I don’t think any of the other hosting services would have migrated all my data, explained how WordPress handles domain name transfers, and updated my DNS records. Plus, Fox Design Werx is a small business ran by a couple who found a way to combine his tech passion and her design passion. So give them your money instead of some big hosting farm.


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