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Convenient, Because That’s Precisely Our Goal…

You’ve been hearing about it since January and now How Geek Girls Will Rule the World, the book I was featured in, is available for purchase on Amazon. I received my complimentary copy on Monday and have been flipping through it over the last few days. What I really like about the book is, aside from the


Achievement Unlocked: Switch to Self Hosted

We’ve officially taken the next step and moved off of free WordPress to WordPress self hosted. There are several changes that have taken place and will continue to take place as we grow. Here are the changes we’ve made and the ones we will make soon: New layout: The layout we were


My Happiness Project

I’m going to level with you, dear readers. I hate self-help books. They evoke horrible memories of high school assemblies and bad Oprah episodes and turn me in to a twitchy mess. Roller Derby helped me through my divorce, yoga is helping me be more comfortable with who I am, I have


Greetings From Cloud Nine

Back in the beginning of January, I got a message from Jennifer Thorpe-Moscon on Facebook asking if I would be interested doing an interview for book she was writing for young women interested in geeky pursuits. Something to encourage them to follow the dreams despite the adversity they would face. I did


Does ThinkGeek Have a Wedding Registry?

When I have a particularly stressful week in grad school, I get a serious case of tunnel vision- not need to take a deep breath and a bath tunnel vision, but Sheldon Cooper breaking in to an playscape to build molecules out of ball pit balls tunnel vision. Needless to say, I


Leveling Up: Achievement Unlocked – Five Pounds Down

Sorry I haven’t been writing Leveling Up posts lately. It’s been a lot of “stay the course” boring stuff like counting calories and working out. Although, I have to admit, my working out motivation has been low lately. I need to get my butt into gear and work on my off skates


Dungeons and Dragons: Choosing a Paragon Path

We’ve made it to level 11! Which means it is time to level up and choose a paragon path. I finally have my own set of D&D Books, so I was able to take my time and read as I was leveling up this time, instead of rushing through it and just picking stuff. I