Obligitory New Year’s Resolutions Post

2014 ResolutionsSo its the beginning of the year which means its time to do the New Year’s resolution post. Typically, I don’t do New Year’s resolutions. They’re too vauge to accomplish. They don’t have a plan. But this year I’m going to try. To make them work, I’m setting concrete goals. Most of these goals have to do with areas of my life that I’m too comfortable in, or have stagnated in. I wholly believe in being “too comfortable.”

Techie Resolutions

As much as I love technology (not as much as you you see), I’ve gotten complacent. I’ve taken advantage of plug-and-play everything and feel as though I’m being left behind. So it’s time to learn the behind the scenes stuff.

Learn Home Networking – I don’t know really anything about networking. Never have. That was my brothers thing when we were growing up, Eric handles it now, nbut mostly we just leave whatever the ISP sets up in place. Really not acceptable. I should learn how this works to create a more efficient and more secure network.

Organize Digital Collections – Not really something to learn but something that needs to be done. My digital files are scattered and a mess. I want to get them all in order so I can accomplish the next item.

Set Up a Home Server – We have a networked hard drive, but really a home server is what I want. I want to have a place to backup my files and stream content from. And down the road, I’d like to set up some home automation.

Ditch the Console – With my nerd cave now being out of sight, I’m looking into building a gaming PC. Before, I didn’t want this big, ugly box in my living room. Now that’s not a concern. Plus, games seem to be less expensive (or at least drop in price quicker).

Blogger Resolutions

It’s a little over the year mark for Pure Geekery. But really, it was this time last year when I feel we really hit a stride. It’s when Claire joined. We’ve had a great year thanks to all of you. But personally, I’m too comfortable. Posts Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Consistent traffic. It’s great, but it’s time to mix it up.

Vlogging – I’m an incredibly self conscious person. Especially about my voice (which is why I don’t do podcasts). So vlogging will make me deal with that. I’m sure it’ll be rough at the start, but it’ll be interesting to see how it goes.

Get Reviews Out in a Timely Manner – We still have games to review from GenCon. We have got to improve.

Home Resolutions

With the new house, it feels like a fresh start. I want to take advantage of that. I had some bad habbits at the old place, and it’s time to correct those.

Stay on Top of Things – The new house is about 1,500 sq ft smaller than the old place. So keeping it clean, like mom clean, doesn’t seem so overwhelming. I don’t want cobwebs in the corners and dust boards in a layer of dust anymore. But I also don’t want to feel like cleaning is all I do. I found a great app to set me in a maintainable routine, look for a review this month.

Cook More – First it was derby, then it was the move, sometimes it’s work. I always have an excuse not to cook. But going out is expensive and unhealthy. I need to get back into planning and preparing meals. I’m still looking for the best way to achive this, if you have any tips!

So those are the areas in which I hope to improve. Do you have any big goals for this year? Or any tips for me to achieve mine?

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