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Flagon Slayer Tapping Party: Where You Get Punished for Drinking Beer

Wednesday evening, I headed downtown after work for Sun King’s Flagon Slayer: Official Beer of Gen Con Tapping Party. I’ve always enjoyed Sun King, and Flagon Slayer was quite delicious, being a beer/mead hybrid made sweet with cherries and Indiana honey. The event itself left a little to be desired though. 5


Scotty’s Brewhouse + Gen Con

Cons provide a unique experience for geeks like me- everything I love in one place including endless hours of games, shopping, panels, and photo ops (and don’t forget the accepted ability to dress up like it’s Halloween for days on end). However the one thing cons lack s good food. I can’t


Press Release: Paizo Publishing’s Gen Con Schedule

General Paizo Events Ongoing throughout Gen Con Paizo is in booth #203 in the Exhibit Hall Giveaways at the Paizo booth throughout GenCon Free collectible buttons, a new one each day Free promo card for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game Spend $50 or more at the Paizo booth and get a free


Press Release: IELLO’s Program for Indy Gen Con

Editor’s Note: Hello readers! We have been getting a few press releases from game companies leading up to Gen Con. This one from IELLO is the first one we’ve ran. Do you want to see more of these? Or should we just leave them in our inbox? IELLO’s New Games THE THREE LITTLE


Flagon Slayer: Official Beer of Gen Con 2013

When I play Dominion, I prefer to have my cards in one hand and a beer in the other. I’m sure this doesn’t apply to all gamers, but for me, there’s something about relaxing and enjoying a great game and a few pints with friends that just can’t be beat. I’m quite


Getting Hellbent With Beattie Sedgwick(And a Giveaway!)

Update: Congratulations AdRock on winning the Hellbent Helmets T-Shirt!  Roller derby was born out of a DIY ethos. We run our own leagues, coach ourselves, promote ourselves, anything that has to be done we do it ourselves. I believe this self-sufficient mentality is the reason there are so many derby owned businesses. One


Around Indy: InConJunction 2013

I’m new to the convention scene. My first convention was just in March of this year when Claire and I headed down to the Louisville Arcade Expo. We had a blast and I couldn’t wait to attend my next convention. While we were hanging around First Friday in Fountain Square one night,


Monumental Yoga

The internet has been a-buzz with picture of Summer Solstice yoga in Times Square over the past couple of years. Thousands of people, coming together to celebrate the Solstice together in one place inspired yoga studios and The Athenaeum here in Indy to bring the practice to our city. Although we didn’t


Around Indy: Pins & Putts – Star Wars Bowling for Charity

This weekend is Pins & Putts, a fundraiser that combines Star Wars, bowling, and Putt-Putt, That’s like throwing awesome in a blender. And it’s all for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  I spoke with Chuck Rohlfing, the organizer of this Pins & Putts, to learn more about it and how he started


DIY Sport, DIY Beer

Sports and beer go together. But while your major league sports have massive sponsors like Coors and Anheuser-Busch, your local sports have local beer sponsors. It makes sense. The DIY ethos of roller derby really correlates with the DIY ethos of local craft brewing. While roller derby has the motto of “For