Getting Hellbent With Beattie Sedgwick(And a Giveaway!)

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Update: Congratulations AdRock on winning the Hellbent Helmets T-Shirt! 

Roller derby was born out of a DIY ethos. We run our own leagues, coach ourselves, promote ourselves, anything that has to be done we do it ourselves. I believe this self-sufficient mentality is the reason there are so many derby owned businesses. One of which, based here in Indianapolis, is Hellbent Helmets.

Who is Hellbent?

Hellbent Helmets was founded by Bunnie Low-Browski and Beattie Sedgwick. Gunn Hoe manages the books. Bunnie, Beattie, and Gunn all skated with the Circle City Derby Girls (CCDG). While I didn’t get to share the track with Bunnie (she moved before I started), I have skated with and been coached by Beattie. Beattie is incredibly involved in the derby world. She skates for the Circle City Derby Girls A-Team the Socialites, coaches the men’s team the Race City Rebels (RCR), and up until recently was committee chair and coach of CCDG as well. She does this in addition to working two jobs. I sat down and spoke with Beattie about how Hellbent got started, and how she does all of the things.

Hellbent History

Beattie and Bunnie started dreaming of Hellbent (the way it sounds when we say “helmet” with a mouthguard in) in 2008. This was when derby was still young and “customized” meant lots of stickers. Not happy with this option, Beattie and Bunnie started scheming about painting their own helmets. Bunnie had a friend who painted NASCAR and professional motorbike helmets. But as they started asking around, they were told it wasn’t a great idea.

Fast forward two years later, and the idea of custom painted helmets is still in the back of their minds. So they started asking around again. In a very derby fashion thought, “Hey, we can do this,” and thus the plans for Hellbent began to form. They started by painting some demo helmets, to make sure they could do it. Once they had it down they started an Indie Go-Go campaign. They didn’t meet their original goal, but they got enough to buy a plotter and some starter supplies.

Hellbent Beattie Does All the Things

Hellbent Beattie Does ALL the things.

This is how I picture Beattie in my head.

I mentioned Beattie has taken on a crazy workload in the derby-verse. Coaching, skating, planning events. Plus she has two jobs in addition to Hellbent. “I don’t spend any time in front of the TV,” Beattie says, “if I manage my time right I can work, get to practice, and have a few hours to work on helmets before going to bed.”  Beattie also had a thick planner sitting on the table at Black Acre Brewing when I went to talk to her. “I keep track of everything in here. I’m neurotic about my schedule. I prioritize to make sure I make the most of every minute of my day.”

Beattie is human though. This will be her last season coaching for the Race City Rebels, and she’s cut back on her committee work with CCDG.

What Sets Hellbent Apart?

Philly Cheezskate's Hellbent helmet.

Philly Cheezskate’s Hellbent helmet.

I was blown away when I saw my first Hellbent Helmet. They look amazing. The reason for this is because the paint Hellbent uses is actually car paint. And the “glitter” isn’t glitter at all. It’s actually metal flake, exactly like what you see on metallic painted cars, except in a bigger size. The helmets look slick. The Hellbent helmet to the right is CCDG skater and vice president Philly Cheezeskate’s. It was hand painted and fades from blue to green. It’s beautiful.

Claire's (DG Ozsome) Hellbent Helmet.

Claire’s (DG Ozsome) Hellbent Helmet.

With the plotter, Hellbent can put practically anything on a helmet, as long as you send them the graphic in the proper format. The Hellbent helmet to the left is Claire’s helmet. Claire skated as DG Ozsome, and her fiance (who also designed the Pure Geekery logo) created a yellow brick road graphic for her. There are also a handful of stock graphics that Hellbent can use if you’re not quite that creative.

Hellbent started out painting Triple 8 Sweatsaver helmets. But as they replenish their stock, they are using the new dual certified Triple 8 helmet. Hellbent can also paint your helmet of choice, even hockey helmets (which this writer highly recommends) as long as you provide the helmet.

Want to Get Hellbent?

 If you want your own Hellbent helmet, contact Hellbent through their website or Facebook page. The Helmets are completely customized so that’s the best way for them to get you exactly what you want, and give you a price. There are some pricing guides on the site too to help you ballpark an estimate. Hellbent will also have a booth at RollerCon, so stop by their booth if you’re going.

You can also get Hellbent by entering to win a Hellbent shirt! We have a size large unisex shirt (modeled below by Race City Rebels The Hawt Rod and Burgan, that’s Beattie herself in the middle) to giveaway compliments of Hellbent.

The Hawt Rod and Burgan model Hellbent shirts, with Beattie in the middle.

The Hawt Rod and Burgan model Hellbent shirts, with Beattie in the middle.

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