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Cons provide a unique experience for geeks like me- everything I love in one place including endless hours of games, shopping, panels, and photo ops (and don’t forget the accepted ability to dress up like it’s Halloween for days on end). However the one thing cons lack s good food. I can’t count the number of terrible nachos, cold pretzels, and bottles of vending machine soda I’ve consumed at coventions in my adult life.

Just imagine- you’re busy at GenCon, enjoying all of the awesome, and suddenly you’re hungry; not “oh this bag of skittles will do” type of hungry but the “I wonder if my giant styrofoam mallet is edible” kind. Shitty

Scotty's awesome Pathfinder decorations!

Scotty’s awesome Pathfinder decorations!

vending machiine and snack bar food isn’t an option, but you don’t want to miss out on anything awesome that may be happening on the convention floor. That’s where Scotty’s Brewhouse comes in. Dave- a self-proclaimed gaming geek, former comic book store owner and the manager at Scotty’s Brewhouse in Downtown Indy- transforms the restaurant into geek heaven for GenCon weekend.

This year, Pathfinder posters cover every frame and paper the walls, along with banners and a giant Millenium Falcon poster donated by the Indy Knights 501st. Scotty’s is the official home base of the Knights for the weekend, so expect to see the Stormtroopers guarding them when you visit. Dave hung every banner himself, showing a passion and love of GenCon and those who attend the event unlike any restaurant I’ve been to during a convention. Dave started sharing the geek love at the Ram (which has continued to welcome GenCon fans with specials) and this is Scotty’s fourth year of GenCon awesomeness.

Special Gencon gaming events, movie nights, and a Pathfinder-themed menue will be avaible all weekend, not to mention the Official Brewhouse beer of GenCon Dogslicer Ale (and a matching t-shirt). With the purchase of a Pathfinder-themed menu item you will receive a special Scotty’s Brewhouse 6 sided die which can also be used as an artifact at certain booths in the exhibitors hall and the placements will have a game to play while photo (88)you wait for your food. There are sold-out tours set up at Three Wiseman Brewery for the spouses who don’t do gaming to visit the brewery and do a tasting.

If you’re interested in the Scotty’s VIP membership, make sure to sign up this weekend to get $5 put on your account. Then you can start building points towards their prizes every time you visit a Scotty’s location!

Dave, being one of us, has a true passion for the geek world and welcomes us all with open arms this weekend. What he has done at Scotty’s (and started at the Ram) is truly unique and makes GenCon stand out even more as the best gaming convention in the world.

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